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Are you stuck in the When–> Then trap?

Hi Gorgeous,

I’ve been thinking a lot about what motivates people and what holds them back.  So many times, I’ve waited and done nothing when I could have taken action.  In my single days, my most frequent thought for years was “When I’m in a relationship, then I’ll be happy.”   Or told myself, “When I have more money then I can go on vacation.”

I’ve also heard these gems from friends, family, and clients:

“When I have the perfect job then I can propose to my girlfriend.”

“When I have kids then my life will be complete.”

“When I lose 10 pounds then I’ll feel better about myself.”

“When I am in a relationship then I’ll be happy.”


Are you waiting for things to be “just right” before you inch forward?

Your time is actually right now, and you’re ability to have what you want and be happy is within your reach TODAY.

But it requires radical thinking and absolute fearlessness.

What would it feel like to let go of all the expectations you’ve been holding on to for probably some time now?

For most of us it’s terrifying, because our identities have been tied up in feeling stuck and victimized.  We use our stories to garner sympathy from others and enable us to justify our fears and stay stuck where we’re at.  It’s much easier to play it safe than dare greatly.

But think about it…don’t you want to get what you want?  What if you just choose to feel better today–regardless of what weight you’re at or what your relationship status?

What if you decided to let go of your beliefs about the way things are SUPPOSED TO BE and embraced your current place of the way things ARE?

I’m not saying you need to stay in a bad situation, mind you–if that’s the case you need to get out as quickly as possible.  But if you’re wallowing in your life and need to kickstart some momentum, then you have options.

What if you let go of all the pressures and expectations you put on yourself and hit the pause button on the feedback loop of stories you tell yourself?  What would that look like for you?

What if you redefined a vacation for yourself and got creative with your travel plans?

What if you decided to propose to your girlfriend today with the trust and knowledge that the job will take care of itself?

What if you decided to love your body now and express that love by treating your body with kindness, good food, and movement that inspires joy?

I’m working with an amazing tribe of women who’ve decided that their time is now.  Check out these pics from the most recent Radically Gorgeous weekend:

Here’s what women are saying after completing the Radically Gorgeous weekend:

“The actual work we did in during the days was tough at times and definitely felt like hard work but it was so worth it. Esther lovingly called B.S. on my excuses and got straight to the point.  It was exactly what I needed. It felt good to have someone stronger than me to drag some stuff out of me and blow my mental cobwebs away.”

“I came away with a very practical plan on how to enhance my work and career which sounds a bit dry but really that is what has been the energy drain on me for a few years which has resulted in me not taking care of myself.  I want to work and I actually love my work but I need to find a new, fresher way of doing things and where I am no-one’s b#*%.  I showed the business plan to my husband that Esther and I worked on and he thought it was great and was so surprised that this is what I came back with and was happy that I was so energized.  “

“I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone who has the courage and need to change their lives but needs to know that only they can do it but with the help of a very strong goddess, mentor, coach and friend.”

Email me if you’re interested in creating the exact life for yourself that you want to lead (but just need a little help in flushing it all out) and getting the results your heart desires.

Live Gorgeously,


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