Are you telling yourself a story or the truth? - Esther Blum

Are you telling yourself a story or the truth?

Hi Gorgeous,

Just wrapped up my third #RadicallyGorgeous retreat with these amazing women who showed up with a clear idea of what they needed to work on and were also open to other possibilities and outcomes.  It’s never lost on me how blessed I am to get to witness my clients’ growth and expansion with an open heart and to be a part of their collective journey, because although we often have one plan for our life path, the universe often has a different agenda ;-).

Something that came up throughout the training was the challenge in staying present during difficult conversations–be it with clients, family, or friends.  

In the day to day busy-ness of our own lives, it’s often way easier to numb ourselves and escape our lives through television, booze and drugs, communicating through text vs in-person interactions, and completely shutting down and denying that there may be a problem we need to deal with because it’s much easier to sweep it under the rug altogether and hide.  

But there’s a cost to all of that, and the price we pay is in not being happy or getting what we want out of life.

The real challenge lies in holding space and sitting with it.  And instead of jumping in to try and solve a problem, we can sit quietly and listen wholeheartedly.  It’s not our journey for the taking; it’s someone else’s.  We don’t necessarily have to be the solution to someone else’s problem–we just need to show up and be present. We really are enough.

For many of us, our ability to succeed depends on our willingness to go deep and have conversations that hold up a mirror so that we may experience the truth in its purest form.  If we can hear ourselves and challenge our negative self-talk and understand the difference between story and truth, we can un-become and recreate what needs to come forth.

We are only as small as we let ourselves be, and we are only as great as we dare to be.

And while measurable results are imperative in achieving goals, the process in celebrating ourselves among the journey is the gatekeeper to our joy and success.

Live Gorgeously,

PSSST–> I am currently interviewing the next crew of #RadicallyGorgeous candidates; send me an email — — if you feel you’d be a fit for the training!

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