Being Present - Esther Blum

Being Present

Hi Gorgeous,

Been thinking a ton about the art of presence lately.

And I’ve realized that being present is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.

My boy is home with me for the next 2 weeks until school starts.

In years past this would have made me a crazy person. I would be tense and frustrated that I couldn’t get my work done and wasn’t making him happy, either.

Pity party, ticket for one!

This year I decided to put that shit down and enjoy the hell out of my life with this delicious child who won’t always want to actually spend time with me.

We hang out. 

We swim.

We laugh.

We paint.

We listen to music.

We make fun of each other.

We go on boat rides.

We play with friends.

Being present has never felt sweeter because loving the hell out of someone else’s makes me feel so damn good.

Where are you in your ability to be present in your life?

How does this translate into your ability to be present when you’re eating?

Having sex?

Talking to a friend?

Spending time with family?

Unplugging and taking yourself on a date?

I’ve been talking to 30 women who are interested in attending my high impact, experiential weekend in September who all feel like they are struggling with their present lives–and want to change their reality and their RESULTS.  

If you want to learn the art of being present–and how to TRANSFORM YOUR BODY and YOUR LIFE as a result–email me.

Your time begins NOW.

Live Gorgeously,


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