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See ya later, Ovulator!

See ya later, Ovulator delivers the great news that, yes, you can master your menopause with nutrition, hormones, gut health, and self-advocacy. Esther Blum, an Integrative Dietitian and Menopause Expert, guides you through menopause with her empowering and strategic roadmap.

Esther reveals the practice tools she uses with her own clients to help you balance your hormones, fix your gut, and feel confident in your body again. You’ll discover the importance of targeted testing, an approachable eating plan, supplement guidelines, and hormone replacement therapy. In easy-to-understand language, Esther will provide you with the tools you’ll need to eliminate hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, uncomfortable bloating, and more. It’s time to make menopause your b*tch and Esther is here to show you how to do it right!

Packed with cutting-edge research and the answers to all your questions, this informative and enlightening book is your key to moving through menopause with confidence, agency, and direction!

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Cave Women Don't Get Fat

The Paleo Chic Diet for Rapid Results

Bringing the tradition of The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Solution to women, a protein-rich, hormone-balancing, and detoxifying program that helps you get muscle tone, lose fat, and feel gorgeous fast.

Weight loss may seem like a modern idea, but studies show that the solution is ancient: a natural diet of lean protein, vegetables, fruit, seeds, and nuts—and no processed starches—leads to a strong, healthy body that works well and looks great. Millions of years of evolutionary history can’t be wrong, and Esther Blum, a holistic nutritionist for nearly two decades, has helped her clients get gorgeous and strong by reinstating the simple, high-protein, low-carb diet that our bodies naturally crave.

Esther believes that the greatest gift you can give yourself is a lean, gorgeous body—for life. Through a potent combination of hormonal balance, a detoxified system, and muscle mass, anyone can achieve great results by following some simple no-nonsense tips. Breaking her diet into three easy and sustainable phases, Esther’s phase one is a two-week detox, followed by a second phase of hormone balance and fat loss, and then finally, a maintenance phase, which keeps you within 3 to 5 percent of your body fat ideal.

Smart, sassy, and sensible, Cave Women Don’t Get Fat will help women everywhere to feel and stay gorgeous from the inside out.

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The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project

Three Months to a New You

Who doesn’t love a good project, especially when that project is you?

Women will lose twice the weight when they track what they eat with this helpful food diary. Expert nutritionist Esther Blum provides a healthy dose of motivation plus all the necessary tools to make it happen: delicious meal plans (the gluten-free one is surprisingly savory), easy recipes (McSteamy Veggies, Low-Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars), strategies for curbing mindless eating, exercises that maximize fat-burning potential, and three months’ worth of food log pages. This easy, effective path to personal accountability helps women fix diet imbalances that prevent them from losing weight.

All wrapped up in a pretty purse-worthy package, it’s everything a woman needs to perfect her most important project ever: herself.

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Secrets of Gorgeous

Hundreds of Ways to Live Well While Living it Up

Hot on the heels of Esther Blum’s deliciously successful Eat Drink and Be Gorgeous came this little bijou of a book! Get gorgeous with more than 200 quick tips revealing how to eat and drink what you love, yet maintain your youthful beauty. No diets, no gimmicks–just real solutions for gorgeous girls on the go. Esther reveals secrets she shares with her A-list clients: how to nip a hangover in the bud, choose the best dish on a date, dine out without packing on the pounds, rev up the sex drive, and much, much more. Secrets of Gorgeous proves that it’s possible to have that cosmopolitan and drink it, too.

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Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous – A Nutritionist’s Guide to Living Well While Living it Up

From Esther Blum, expert nutritionist and self-professed party girl, comes the breakthrough news that, yes, you can eat and drink what you love and still look and feel gorgeous. In her book Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Esther reveals the secrets to beautiful skin, a fantastic figure, and peace of mind—all while living the good life. The twenties and thirties are the best years to build the foundation for a healthy self, and Esther’s sassy expertise will enlighten women everywhere on how to stay gorgeous from the inside out.

The advice in this book puts the fun back in nutrition – be a tigress in bed, eat and drink like a food fashionista, choose the right vitamins, feel up when you are down, and realize that life is too short to be on diet the whole time! According to Esther, it’s as easy as knowing how to make the right choices: Which cocktails cause the least damage—is a cosmo better than a Coors? What natural supplements combat out-of-control hormones? Esther offers the nutritionist’s expertise tempered with the glamour girl’s need to hit the town and experience all that life has to offer. With a trouble-shooting section on treating specific ailments, fast fixes, and delicious recipes for food and drink, Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous makes it possible to have that piece of cake and eat it too.

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Cave Woman Detox Jump Start

This book is the perfect pairing to Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat, but can certainly be enjoyed on it’s own. Use it when you want a quick jumpstart to cleaning out metabolic clutter and getting your energy back.

Eat, Drink, and Be Fortyish

Learn five daily commitments to help you lose the bloat, bust up stubborn body fat, triple your energy levels, and optimize digestion. You will love the delicious and healthy recipes in here, too!