Can you master the pivot? - Esther Blum

Can you master the pivot?

Hi Gorgeous,

Over the summer, I applied for a food incubator program through Chobani to launch my product line. I was feeling super excited about all of it because these products are the answer to a lot of health and weight problems in both children and adults.

Well, I did not get the grant. 400 applicants, six spots. My proposal was not chosen; that was the truth. But that didn’t mean it had to become my story.

So I chose to pivot instead. I went for a long walk with the intention of staying in the question, wondering what was next and how I would make it happen. Here are the questions that popped into my mind:

What else needs to happen with my products before they’re ready to launch?
Who do I need to reach out to?
What other opportunities are out there?
What’s the next right move for me?

Staying in the question releases judgement on a situation and gives us all the freedom to explore. Instead of letting my ego take the wheel and keep me powerless, I decided to master the art of the pivot and take control of the situation. I have clients that have mastered the art of the pivot. They try one new approach at a time, give it time to see shifts, and then regroup accordingly.

If we place all our eggs in one weight loss basket without taking our own unique weight loss journey into account, we set ourselves up for disappointment.  Staying open to the unknown uncorks the mystery bottle and lets the pressure out.  If we’ve been dieting for years and are now stuck with seeing shifts in our bodies, we may need to un-become what we were before and allow it to happen in divine time.

So let’s close with these questions for you:
+What your life would look life if you gave yourself the chance to release judgments about a current situation?
+Can you try a new food or exercise plan without being attached to the outcome?
+Can you let yourself soar and dream with zero downsides whatsoever?

Live Gorgeously,

Are you telling yourself a story or the truth? Should I exercise on an empty stomach or after I eat?