Do eggs raise cholesterol?

August 3, 2020

The most commonly asked question that I get is, “Do eggs raise cholesterol levels?” Not only do eggs NOT raise cholesterol, but they are an important part of a healthy diet to support healthy cholesterol levels. We need cholesterol for healthy hormone balance and neurotransmitter production so we feel happy...
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Building Non-Negotiables Into Daily Eating

July 20, 2020

What are your three non-negotiables when it comes to eating? Things you absolutely won’t give up and need to keep eating so you can stick to eating well the rest of the time? Being crystal clear around how you build pleasure into your eating and building in PLAY can help...
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Why red meat is the OG superfood

July 13, 2020

Red meat has been given a bad wrap… for both environmental and health reasons that are actually not supported by clinical research. Red meat is an integral part of a healthy diet for building muscle, weight loss, thyroid health, and bone density. Local, pastured meats raised on grass have a...
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How to solve gas, bloating, constipation and heartburn

June 29, 2020

One of the biggest struggles I hear from my clients is due to digestive issues like gas, bloating, constipation and heartburn. I mean, let’s face it — these can be a major pain to deal with on a daily basis and will seriously affect how you look and feel.  ...
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WHY you should go gluten free and how to do it right

June 22, 2020

There’s Gluten free, and then there’s Gluten free… There are processed gluten free foods, and then there are nutrient-dense gluten free foods. It’s key to know the difference to get the most nutritional bang for your buck!  Read labels carefully and know where gluten comes from.  The highest gluten content...
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