Collectors and Implementers - Esther Blum

Collectors and Implementers

Hi Gorgeous,

There are two types of people:


COLLECTORS love information, reading books, and becoming experts on a subject–but don’t actually change as a result.

IMPLEMENTERS love RESULTS.  And they’re willing to do what they need to get those results.  

IMPLEMENTERS are are no longer willing to stay where they’re at because they know that the cost of a weekend intensive is far less expensive than living a craptastic life.

They are tired of not having sex with their partners, feeling fat and losing the same 20 pounds over and over, hiding their bodies, and feeling stuck.  

Implementers understand that commitment is both emotional and financial, and are ready to roll up their sleeves, step the f$%k up, and DO THE WORK.  

So if you’re an IMPLEMENTER who says “I’M SO DONE WITH WHERE I’M AT”, listen up.

The final details and full curriculum for my live, 2.5 day, Radically Transformation Event are locked, loaded, and fully in place!

But I can only help people to the exact degree they are willing and able to help themselves.

If you are an IMPLEMENTER who is TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY READY to change your life over the course of a weekend–with me and a group of Implementers looking for the exact specific results that you’re also looking for–email me and let’s get you started.

Be sure to tell me specifically why you’re ready to change your life.

Spots are still available…for now…

Live Gorgeously,