Concierge Wellness Services

In a world where health is the new wealth, what’s your currency? Our company prides itself on disrupting the market when it comes to prioritizing the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of your staff. Together we will co-create experiential events that will enable you, your staff and colleagues to understand that radiant health is not a luxury but a necessity. Intelligently investing in your people will yield the greatest returns with healthy, happy, high performing team members.

Tasting Menu of Services

Cooking Demos
No time (or desire) to cook? No problem. In this cooking demo you will learn how to make simple and healthy foods that require minimal cooking and deliver maximum nutrition with step-by- step guidance on how to make realistic and manageable changes. All foods and recipes will be provided for the event and will take food allergies and preferences into account.

Holiday Parties

Let’s redefine what a holiday party should look like and serve delicious and nutritious foods that leave us energized, mentally focused, and grateful that we can still fit into our clothes throughout the season. We will be serving fresh, locally sourced, delicious foods that are rich in nutrients and will make everyone’s taste buds sing. Artisanal and antioxidant-rich cocktails will complement the food served. Abundance can be offered in so many ways; let us teach your crew that healthy eating is the foundation for wellness and connecting to our most grounded selves through an otherwise hectic time of the year.

Health Challenges
Does your team love some playful competition? Do they respond well to a challenge that holds them accountable? Our crew will custom-tailor a 30-day health challenge that is guaranteed to shift the way people will approach food. We will mindfully
design a structured program with specific daily goals and reminders to help people stay focused on eating whole, fresh, healthy foods. As a bonus they will also receive Esther’s 30-day KISS audio program delivered via email daily to support simple,
sustainable and sane changes.

Pantry Makeover
Tired of the same old chips and soda from the vending machine? Let us come in to your office kitchen and stock your shelves with carefully curated, oh-so- nutritious snacks, hydrating drinks, and real food that will leave everyone in a good mood, ready to tackle the day’s tasks, and energized throughout the entire day. Having these products at the ready is a wonderful opportunity to show your staff how easy it is to go for the good stuff.

Radiant Health Retreat
This is a high-impact, experiential day that will refresh and refocus you and your staff. The goal of these retreats is to take yourself out of everyday life so that you can focus on what you need most and then create the path to reach your personal or professional goals. The Radiant Health Retreat is designed to feed your mind and nourish your soul to bring you into alignment with your goals. Not only do we create a roadmap and action plans for your health and your life, but get you feeling empowered and crystal clear on your path and purpose. Addressing and releasing the emotional piece underneath our fears, motivations, and behaviors will naturally flow into the other areas of your life. When you nurture and grow the practice and art of self-love, all the other pieces will fall into place.

We start off the day with a movement class, followed by talks and breakout team sessions throughout the day to give each participant their own unique framework to follow. The event also includes transportation throughout the event, delicious meals, energizing snacks, and lots of wonderful surprises!

Bonus Features
We take fun quite seriously and want to provide experience continuity with goody bags on the back end that will be enable your staff to put their new self-care regime into actionable steps.

Some bonuses our clients have enjoyed are free access to my KISS 30-day Program (audio), signed copies of my books, weekly meditations, a juicer, food delivery of pre-assembled meals, a personal training session, a massage, and meeting with a stylist to edit your closet and suggest wardrobe updates.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Let us design a custom experience unique to your company. The sky’s the limit for us and no request is ever too big. It is our joy to serve you and bring you exactly what you wish for.

We look forward to serving you with radiant health and lasting, impactful changes on the way you feel and live your life!

Live Gorgeously,

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