Five little-known ways to actually lose weight this year. - Esther Blum

Five little-known ways to actually lose weight this year.

Hi Gorgeous,

Do you feel like you’re playing tug of war with your body?  Do you feel like your relationship with your body is conditional–love it on your “thin” days, hate it on your “fat” days?  And do you routinely name-call your thighs and belly, putting yourself down?

Well guess what?

Trying to shame yourself into success isn’t the answer.  In fact, every time you call yourself fat, you lower your vibrational frequency and wipe out your mind’s belief that you truly can achieve weight loss.  Approaching weight loss from a place of self-loathing is truly a painful way to go.  When you’re already low to the ground it’s hard to get past your own negativity.

So let’s talk about how to create shifts that will put you in a positive and powerful place so you can get out of your own way and move mountains, okay?  Okay.  You can totally do this, and we’re going to do this together.  These are my tried-and-true tricks to opening up space in your life to lose weight and take phenomenal care of yourself:

1. You are your own biggest cheerleader.  “But Esther!  How can I feel good about myself when none of my clothes fit and I just ate a whole bag of potato chips last night?”  Your starting point doesn’t matter.  What matters is the process of learning to love yourself each and every day.  And you can do that by choosing how you want to feel about yourself, each and every day.  So instead of waking up, looking yourself in the mirror, and critiquing how you look, try starting your day off with beauty and love.

  • Choose an outfit with accessories and colors that make you feel happy and positive.
  • Prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself.
  • Set your intention for the day about what you’d like to feel. 
  • Meditate on your highest vision of yourself, in your ideal form (this is KEY- trust me).

In time, these critical shifts will solidify into a foundation of positive thinking and action.

2. Start to take pleasure in the PROCESS.  We are all very goal-oriented, right?  We want to lose 10 pounds per month, have our clothes fit better, and feel more energized.  Well that starts by chunking down your tasks.  If your goal is to lose weight, movement is a key component.  And if you “don’t have time”, you’re going to have to make the time, first thing in the morning.  That can look like this:

  • Lay workout clothes out the night before
  • Set your alarm to allow at least 30 minutes of movement per day; build in plenty of time for travel to and from the gym and time to shower. 
  • Keep a journal or use the WinStreak app to track your progress
  • At the end of each week give yourself a non-food reward

3. Eliminate the words “I don’t have time” from your vocabulary.  Saying “I don’t have time” is equivalent to saying “I won’t make the time”.  Fact is, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  If you tracked the amount of time spent on social media or watching television each day, I guarantee you you could replace that time with a workout instead.  Get clear and honest with yourself about the roadblocks you are throwing down in front of yourself.  Every day is precious; make yourself a priority so you can get results for yourself.

4. Create a roadmap with tactical tools to keep yourself in a positive and productive place.  Here’s what my roadmap looks like, every day:

Healing, whole, fresh foods
Movement and meditation
Time with quality people who elevate, inspire and support me
Books that expand my mind
Family time to grow my heart and build patience
Deeply connecting to God and angels
Asking for what I need
Honoring and serving my clients
Honoring and serving my whole self by trusting what lays in store and listening to my intuition

Spend time doing some detective work in finding what works for you, what feels supportive in your life, what helps you get motivated, what inspires you.  Connect to people and groups that offer up sticky content that helps you keep your eye on the prize.

5. The most important nutrient is PATIENCE. And it’s co-factors are faith, tenacity, and true grit. Look, I know what it’s like to want to look and feel better yesterday.
We all want to feel better. We all want to lose weight and/or build muscle. We all want to sleep through the night, live pain-free, and not wake up feeling bloated, sluggish or puffy.
But if you’ve been living this way for some time now, it’s going to take some time to correct and reverse your situation. And that’s okay.

So often the reason we fail isn’t because we aren’t sticking to the plan (although that happens, too); it’s because we think it’s all going to happen in 30 days or less. So I’m going to say this with love:  Healing and releasing weight can take weeks, months, and yes–even years.

Give yourself a wide berth of time and space to let your body do what it needs to do–you’ll be amazed at the results. Without expectations and pressure, we can stay focused on the task at hand of daily self-care. It’s sooooo much easier that way than asking “When will I feel better? When will I lose weight?”

Keep at it, don’t give up, and focus on eating well, moving your body, feeding yourself with nutrient-rich foods, and surrounding yourself with love. Consistency is a fire that will burn within you, enabling you to overcome anything you wish. And with this practice, you WILL get results for yourself.

I’m currently treating a spectacular tribe of warriors in my practice--who are reclaiming their bodies and most powerFULL selves without excuses, drama, or self-pity–and accepting enrollment for my private coaching and Radically Gorgeous Retreat in September. If you’d like to join us in getting some life-altering, recover-your-health-for-good-and-finally-lose-weight changes, email me so we can have a conversation about how you can start to change your life (and body) from the inside out.

Live Gorgeously!

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