French fries & gin - Esther Blum

French fries & gin


That’s what a mom said to me at the pool the other night as I was enjoying fries with mayo.

“Why not?” I asked. “I’m human, ya know… I also had a big fat gin and tonic to go with it!”

She immediately high-fived me.

Isn’t it interesting to watch the response we get when we are blissfully unapologetic about our choices and our lives? It totally sets us free.

So much fear, criticism, judgement and guilt surrounded my food choices for years. And it bled over to my self-image and my relationship with myself.

So not fun!

Over the years, I learned to forgive myself and just do the best damn job I could — one bite at a time.

I stopped fearing and resenting food and my body and started checking in with my body.

Now I hone in on hunger, energy, and cravings and what foods and combinations of foods make me feel best.

I also stop eating when I’m full (most of the time–this is the hardest for me). This gets better every year but I’m far from perfect.  Which is my personal sweet spot.

Because I enjoy the hell out of myself and know within my heart that if this is the body shape I have for the rest of my life, I’m good.

At the end of the day, we only get one life and only so many days. All I can do is strive for balance, enjoy booze and fries on the fly, and make zero apologies for it.

Speaking of being unapologetic… I’ve been having mind-blowing conversations with you, my dear readers.  And across the board, ALL of you are struggling with:

*A long and continuous battle with your weight


*Feeling sexual and gorgeous about your body

*Fear of success

*Letting your bodies go

*Healthy relationships with food and people your’re close to


*Feeling worthy of taking care of yourselves

Does this sound familiar?!?

But here’s the thing– in the midst of these struggles, you ALL want to have these experiences instead:

*Celebrating yourselves

*Stop worrying about what other people think

*Let go of emotional eating–for good

*Feeling worthy of receiving life-changing coaching

*Having the tools to stop apologizing for your choices

*Realizing your’re lovable exactly the way they are


I’m hosting a live, in-person event Sept 17-19th in my hometown in CT.  If you want to join my tribe of women who are ready to kick mediocrity in the ass, step the f*$# up, do the work, and set yourself free, email me. 

Live Gorgeously,



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