You might get a kick out of this - Esther Blum

You might get a kick out of this

Hi Gorgeous,

I love to talk about failure.  For many people, it’s a super painful subject.  But for me, I enjoy cracking it wide open and let the birds of shame, guilt, self-pity and lack of success fly free.

If you’ve ever fallen flat on your face, you know what I’m talking about, here. Humiliation, shame, degradation, and low self-worth can wreak havoc on the good ol’ ego.  But what most people don’t realize is that even when you fall flat on your face, you’re still moving forward!  And believe me, I’ve literally done that, too–right in the middle of Times Square.  And down the stairs in a bar.  And in the middle of the skating rink.  And in a gorgeous restaurant in Barcelona.  (You seeing the pattern here? Don’t even get me started on my dropsies!!)

So I’ve learned to use failure as a launching point for getting back up again and ultimately becoming a success.  You can’t just lie on the floor forever, right? Let me share my favorite personal failures with you so you know you’re not alone in this department…

There was that time in my late twenties when I thought I was a damn fine nutritionist. I had left 5 years of hospital grit and gone rogue down the holistic path.  I had a private practice that was robust and was getting results healing some pretty sick people.  So I decided to give a talk at the prestigious 92nd Street Y – not an easy gig to come by – on nutrients and brain health.  Well the talk went fine, until the questions started coming in – and I just didn’t have the knowledge to answer them.  I also didn’t have the tact or maturity to admit that I didn’t know the answer, so I got snippy and short with the audience members.  And in return, I got some pretty bad feedback from the Y.  Ego-0, Humanity-1.  Humility was my gift that day.  Owning what I don’t know is far more important to me than being braggadocios about what I do know.

Then there was the time I worked for a holistic MD.  It was a beautiful experience clinically and we saw eye to eye for years.  Until we didn’t.  He began selling costly testing that the staff were all supposed to push and sell.  The product went against my core beliefs and I just couldn’t hock his wares that I found totally unnecessary.  The practice manager noticed the gap and so the doctor (very kindly) gave me the boot.  My lesson that day (and I’ve had to learn this a few more times since) was that I just can’t push products that I do not believe in.  The gift in all of this and that the doctor and I still adore each other and are in touch to this day.  As Michael Corleone said, “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”

My last story today is about the first time I launched an online program.  I had hired a marketing director to help me grow my biz.  He wasn’t terribly experienced but he was hungry and studied under some of the best marketing experts out there.  We created an 8-week Paleo online program that sold to…wait for it…8 people.  Months of hard work up in smoke.  That was my most painful experience but also my most valuable.  I didn’t get to know my audience well enough beforehand to even see if the program even addressed their needs, and I didn’t ask myself if the program was in alignment with my intuition.  I never made that mistake again and will continually ask you gorgeous peeps what you need from me so I can serve you better.

So speaking of which, I am proud to offer A Gorgeous Year of Saying Yes (to you!).  This is for those people who have either worked with me in the past and want to keep the magic going, or for those embarking on major life changes and are looking at the big picture for creating long-term changes.  Either way, it’s allllll about leveling up.  There are a few different ways we can work together so you can make the magic happen on your terms.  Simply respond to this email if you’re interested and we’ll get cooking!  Five spots are available, so grab yours now.

Here’s to growth, power, and SUCCESS!

Live Gorgeously,

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