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How being in a funk makes me more productive

Hi Gorgeous,

In the age of picture-perfect social media, do you ever wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes in people’s lives and the struggles they face?

Me too ;-). In fact, I’m fascinated by the challenges that people deal with and manage on a day to day basis.

And so I want to be totally transparent and tell you what goes on behind the scenes in my own life in the event that you are having the same struggles as me.

Many mornings, I wake up in a bit of a funk. I love my family, I love helping people, and I love my business. But I spend a lot of time in my own head and often times I can worry myself into some depression and anxiety. I’ve made peace with it over the years and instead of trying to eliminate it altogether, I’ve made it a challenge to stare it in the face and conquer it each and every day.

Here’s how I get out of my funk each and every day:

1. Remove the Facebook app off your phone. If you have any level of insecurity as a human being, it’s very easy to fall into the comparison trap and think everyone else’s life is way better than yours. Or that you should be doing more. Or just being amazing, like, all. the. time. The fact is, everyone else has a messy life too, but if all those perfect little pretty pictures are going to drive you nuts and make you feel unworthy then just trust me and delete the app. Plus, you’ll get at least an hour back in your day you’d otherwise spend surfing through other people’s feeds.

2. Start the day off with a green juice and some protein. Depression is a very real thing, but you can give your brain a fighting chance but giving your gut and brain a jump-start and boosting your feel-good neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin. The majority of your neurotransmitters are made in your gut, so I like to start the day with 12 ounces of fresh celery juice to boost the production of stomach acid, quench systemic inflammation, and get the digestive fire going. Wait about 20 minutes for it to take effect, then boil up some eggs, have some leftover grass-fed steak, or add some grass-fed collagen protein to your smoothie. Protein will raise and sustain neurotransmitters for hours after you eat it, keeping your brain happy, alert, and focused.

3. Get outside in nature and breathe (and sweat). Science has spent a lot of money and time proving what most of us already know: being outside makes you happy. Call it primal, call it healing, call it fun–but no matter how you name it, seeing the sun rise and set every day while the birds sing and the crickets chirp renews hope in the human spirit. For me I find it unleashes a flood of creativity to the point where I now dictate many of the blogs I write on my Voice Memo app while walking outside amongst the tall trees. If you love the concept of meditating but have a hard time sitting down and doing it, take solace in the fact that being outside in nature can stimulate the brain and help you heal from stress and depression–which is just as beneficial because you’ll also be burning fat!

4. Take ACTION. When my mood sinks low or I feel fear taking over, I shift my thinking by asking myself what actionable steps I need to take that day. This can mean networking with colleagues, launching a new business idea, or writing that day’s blog. Sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning my office and doing the laundry. As long as I’m doing *something* that is actionable, it always leads me to what’s next. I also love to ask “What’s the next best thing I should be doing?” and let that guide me to my next steps.

5. Call in the big dogs. Whether or not you’re religious, having a spiritual practice enables you to ask for guidance from a power much greater than yourself. None of us can get through this thing called life without some support in our corner. Tapping into Source, Divine Order, God, Spirit, Angels, or whatever deity you feel most connected to actually helps you bring your subconscious’s deepest desires out into the open. Don’t be afraid to speak your desires, fears, and whatever you need help with to your spiritual SWAT team. One of my fave books on the subject is Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver. Check out her affirmations–you’ll be stunned at what comes back to you!

If you have some hurdles in your life that you’re struggling to get over, I’m the Queen Bee of strategy, nutrition and intuition. Simply reach out to me with your wish list and we can discuss the fun and amazing ways we can work together so you can get un-stuck, lose the weight you’ve gained, launch your new business, or whatever else your heart desires. Even the greatest leaders in the world have advisory committees and support teams; you need yours, too.

Live Gorgeously,

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