How to conquer fear & anxiety - Esther Blum

How to conquer fear & anxiety

Since my mid-twenties, I’ve struggled with anxiety.  And it’s only gotten stronger over the years–especially when my Epstein-Barr and insomnia kicked in.

At times it’s kept me awake playing the same soundtrack in my head over and over again.  Other times it’s given me heart palpitations.  If you’ve had anxiety, you know what I’m talking about–and you’ll do anything to get rid of it!

So over the years, I’ve developed tricks and tools to help me bust through worry and anxiety so I can focus on the big rocks like family, work, and time with friends. 

Having the tools to challenge your fears will help you wrap your head around that fact that they are not rooted in reality.  

For me, the biggest hack of all has been LEARNING TO TRUST.  This was not an overnight process, but a practice that quickly enabled me to squash my anxiety from a simple and logical place.
Fear and anxiety are rarely based on evidence.  Think about it–when was the last time your fears ACTUALLY came true?  Often we’re just left holding on to our fears because those fears were never realized.  But because we never sent them away, they’re still stuck hanging around!

So the next time you start going down the road of “what ifs…”, stop and ask yourself “when has this really ever happened?”

Because if we don’t have solid evidence to support our fears, then we can grow confident that our fears won’t ever be realized, and we can let go and trust that things will actually work out for the best.

Overcoming these fears builds power, clears emotional blocks, and lets us persevere so we have the courage to boldly go forth with our vision.

When we manifest our deepest desires and ask the big ol’ Universe to give us the things in life we want, the Laws of Attraction have no choice but to send them our way.

Trust that all you manifest each and every day will work out.

Trust that the Universe has in store for you exactly what you manifest.

Trust that no matter what the outcome, it’s for the best, because this is your path.

Unless your fears have actually been realized, they’re not real.

Live Gorgeously,


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