How to eliminate old patterns and get unstuck. - Esther Blum

How to eliminate old patterns and get unstuck.

Want to know why you’re not losing weight or feeling positive about your own body?

HINT: It’s not a lack of willpower, it’s not the amount of calories you are eating, it’s not how much sleep you got or even the workouts you’re doing.

It’s because of FEAR.

There are two types of fear when it comes to our bodies:

1. Fear of not getting the results we want (“I’m a failure”)
2. Fear of getting the results we want (“If I regain the weight after losing it I’m a failure”).

Each of these statements is the complete opposite of each other, but both stem from a deep-seated fear of failure created from a place in our past.

So take a minute to think about what was happening when that fear started.  

Now ask yourself this: What do you have to do to destroy and uncreate that fear? Can you say yes to allowing yourself to be a success at losing and maintaining your weight?  

The answer for you can always be yes once you allow it to be. You can’t erase your past but you can recreate your belief system in yourself and your ability to be a success at any point in your life.

Live Gorgeously,

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