How you can (and should) be bikini ready every day - Esther Blum

How you can (and should) be bikini ready every day

Hi Gorgeous,

This week I did something I never could have dreamed of doing in my whole life–

I posted this picture of myself showing my bare stomach on all my social media handles:


For me, this was HUGE, because I was finally able to show the world “Hey–this is the real me, lifting heavy weights during a quick home workout.”

It was an unabashedly real version of myself; not some photoshopped version of me with all my curves cut away and my boobs lifted up another 3-4 inches, glommed up with a full face of makeup wearing an expensive workout outfit (not that there’s anything wrong with that, btw, that’s just not how I usually look).  It was just me–barefaced, sweaty, and happy–curves and all. 😉

It’s very easy to post a picture-perfect version of yourself when you’re looking your absolute best and your wrinkles have all been photoshopped out.  But I find people connect much more to what could easily be a similar version of themselves.  This is why I call myself The Reality Barbie!

Here were some of the amazing responses that got posted underneath the pic:

  • You’re my idol!!!! You look AWESOME! I want to look like you! : )

  • Hottie!!

  • Nice abs gorgeous!

  • Love!!! You are awesome!

  • Looking soooo fly ms Gorgeous! You go girl!!!  heart emoticonXOXOXO


 In other words, lots of love and support!  But to be honest with you, I didn’t expect anything less.

(No, I am not conceited and full of myself–I’m actually quite modest.)

I expected people to give me good feedback because I put good juju out to the universe.  I had my Goldilocks moment that morning – I was feeling juuuuuust right.

And that’s because I had the Laws of Attraction working in my favor.  What you put out to the Universe comes back to serve you.

If you feel confident and amazing in your body (and ultimately your swimsuit), others will find your body as amazing as you do.  It’s just the way it works.  You can’t feel crappy about your body and expect others to think it’s beautiful–the Universe is too damn authentic to ever be that disingenuous.

There’s something powerful about someone who puts themselves out there and is comfortable doing so.  Someone who accepts herself completely and unconditionally.  Because she sends out the message that shefeels beautiful, so therefore she is beautiful.

When that happens for you, your body will be in alignment with how you feel about your body.

If you project confidence, others will believe it, too.  It doesn’t matter how anyone else feels about your body– it only matters how YOU feel about it.  Confidence is pretty much your best asset.

It can be the difference between you hiding under a giant coverup at the beach, or unabashedly presenting yourself to the world so the world can stop obsessing over your so-called “flaws” and start focusing on the powerful, strong, intelligent human being that you are.

News Flash: Most people don’t notice half the sh*# that you notice about yourself–they are too fixated on their own insecurities and flaws about themselves. So unless you want people to notice your imperfections, don’t point them out!

Instead, spending your energy attracting exactly what your heart desires and what makes you feel beautiful about yourself.

That way, you’ll always have a bikini body.  As in, you put on your bikini, and feel gorgeous, no matter what!



PS> I dare you to show me just how beautiful you are in this moment!  Post your own selfie (bare belly optional) with the hashtag #livinggorgeously under your picture on my FB fan page:  If you do, I’ll give you a FREE 15-minute initial consultation with me to discuss how I can help you reach your goals!

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