If you’re sitting there waiting for the RIGHT time to lose that weight or get in shape…Guess what? There is no right time. There is actually never a right time...There is only now.

And if you’re telling yourself “When I lose weight, then I’ll go to the gym. When my job slows down, then I’ll start a diet. Once my kid is in school, then I’ll start working out regularly.”…you’re simply creating excuses and roadblocks that you are throwing down right in front of yourself.

And the longer you hold those stories in your heart and your mind, the easier it gets to become those stories. Perhaps it’s time to let those stories go now because they have nothing to do with who you are today, right now.

A great way to do this is through Forward Future Thinking. This means that you consciously make decisions not from where you are, but from where you want to be. You actually need to look forward 3 years, envision yourself in your place of highest power, and act from that place.

If you want to drop a dress size, then you start by behaving as if you are already a smaller size. You approach food from that perspective, exercise from that perspective, and make decisions from that perspective. It’s the same concept of dressing for the job you want versus the job you have. By already putting yourself in the right mindset, your actions will follow suit.
And once you do that and free up the mental rent of telling yourself what you CAN’T do, and instead ask yourself what you CAN do–that is where the magic will happen. And that is where you start to get the results.

Here’s how I say yes to myself and get out of my own way:

I don’t spend hours and hours working out or cooking every day. Some days I walk for an hour, some days it’s balls to the wall for 20 minutes. But I make time almost every day for movement. It’s not perfect, but it gets done.

The same goes for cooking. I am not a 4-star chef and my meals are very, very basic. I shop on the weekends and quickly put together meals on the fly. We use everything from frozen to fresh fruits and veggies, I batch cook whole chickens and potatoes, chimichurri sauce as a dressing, and mash up avocados. Then I repurpose the foods throughout the week and get a little creative with leftovers. Uber basic but it works for us.

So why not ask yourself “What is possible for me today? What is possible for me in the next 30 days?”
Can you create 20 minutes in your day to do a quick workout?
Can you create 2 hours in your week to shop and cook? Or spend time ordering from food services that will deliver to you? Or even hire a chef and throw a little money at the problem so you don’t have to deal with food preparation?
Once you start changing the way you think about things, you will shift what is actually happening in your life.
All you need to do is take one step per day and you will get out of that rut.
All you need to do is say YES to yourself, YES to weight loss, YES to positive thinking, possibilities and making it happen, and you will get results for yourself.

Message me if you’d like to continue the conversation about achieving your highest vision for yourself with your health, mindset, business, and life. I’d love to see if or how I can help you go for what you want and fly over those hurdles.

Live Gorgeously,

Nobody will give you permission to love on yourself. How to eliminate old patterns and get unstuck.