I love to break the rules - Esther Blum

I love to break the rules

Something you may or may not know about me is that I’ve always hated rules and authority.

What first gave me insight into this was how much trouble I got in when I was in sleep away camp.  I went to a very religious camp where we had to pray every morning and then have Hebrew classes every afternoon, plus observe the sabbath.  I hated having to go to class–especially during summer break–and decided to take matters into my own hands.  I wasn’t disruptive, mind you–I just decided to bring a book to class and read it under the desk instead of paying attention to the lesson.  My plan worked out great until my teacher busted me and the head counselor tore me a new one in a HUGE way.  That ignited my inner fire on bending the rules to work in my favor.

This pattern kept going that summer.  I refused to make my bed and insisted on only sleeping in a sleeping bag on a bare mattress (I now shudder to think how gross this actually was!).  I snuck into boys’ bunks all the time just because I could.  I smooched some of the naughtier boys under the trees at night.  Going against the grain felt GOOD.

Years later, when I was getting my degree in nutrition, I loathed all the chemistry I had to take.  I was complaining about it to my friend Lisa who was in medical school.  “Who the hell cares about the Krebs cycle–it’s not like I’m gonna use that information daily with my clients!”  She was totally appalled and shocked at my baditude 😉  I thought nutritional science was nerdy and boring and was damned if I was going to sit there and let it feel uninspiring and unsexy to me!

So once I had my degree and years of private practice under my belt, I used that rebellious attitude to write Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous.  What nutritionist ever had a chapter on hangover recovery and another chapter on sex in her books?  Or was writing about manicuring her lady parts and the perils of dropping gas bombs in bed? (Lucky for me I had my 20’s and plenty of personal “research partners” to help me master those chapters…wink wink!)  My mantra became “Your body may be a temple, but who says it can’t be a nightclub?”, I landed on the Today Show, and the big adventure began.  I was hooked on rule-bending.

Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous was also a non-diet diet book.  It wasn’t about restriction; it was about liberation.  It was about embracing your wild side and truly listening to your body’s wants and needs.  It was about creating a harmony-filled conversation between your body, mind, and soul.

Today, I want to help you continue that conversation with yourself.  You have within you the power to have control over your choices and your thoughts about those choices.  You have the ability and the right to proudly prance around your bedroom naked.  You also have within you the capacity to unabashedly order a cocktail and not feel guilty about it afterwards.  All of these pieces of you are meant to live a blissfully unapologetic life and never beat yourself up over your choices again.

Whether you’ve always struggled with apologizing for yourself or have simply buried that piece of yourself somewhere deep inside, I want to help you unleash it altogether.

So now, it’s your turn.  Email me if you’d like to continue the conversation and show me your wild side.  I’d love to help you bring that amazing girl out and set her free.

Live Gorgeously,

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