I may not be what happened, but I am what I'm going to do next - Esther Blum

I may not be what happened, but I am what I’m going to do next

Oh hey there Gorgeous!

My family recently spent a long weekend in Saratoga at the Speedskating Nationals Event where my son got to compete (suuuuuper exciting and we had a ball!). Before we left I had been feeling pretty stressed and busy and was craving some downtime and the space to let loose.

When I’m home I automate my eating and am consistent with getting protein at meals, veggies at at least 2 out of 3 meals, and whole foods carbs (about 100gms per day on average). I eat when I’m hungry and move almost every day.

So when I go away I let myself play, knowing that I’ll probably gain 2-3 pounds, and don’t sweat it. If I spend my time stressing over finding the *perfect* restaurant that has exactly every single thing I would eat at home, I’d be miserable. So I purposely build pleasure into my time away. And then it’s right back on the horse when I’m home.

I also make sure to move and hydrate really well (I walked at least 9,000 steps per day and did yoga from a YouTube video on my phone in my hotel room). I made sure I was mindful about the food I ate, eating slowly and savoring the flavors and stopping when I was full. I had a few bites of dessert here and there and 1 cocktail with dinner for a couple nights. And really, that was it!

I stopped making myself crazy over food a long time ago. A restricted mindset for me triggers all sorts of self-destructive thoughts and eating that feels totally out of control for me–and out of alignment with my highest vision of myself. Eating well and loving the hell out of my body–even with a little belly bloat–keeps my head on straight and lets me stay present in the moment and focus on the good things. I refuse to punish myself for being human.

When was the last time you let yourself truly enjoy something special to eat? Were you present while you ate, or did you spend your time feeling guilty? Imagine shifting into a place of peace, joy, and satisfaction and staying dialed in while you ate your meals. Life would look quite different for you because your relationship with food would stem from a place of self-love instead of self-loathing. And that is true power and ownership of your life and body.

If you’re ready to heal your body and your relationship with food and stand in your own power, reach out to me and let’s get a call in the books.

Live Gorgeously,

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