"I SHOULD eat this..." - Esther Blum

“I SHOULD eat this…”

Hi Gorgeous,

How many times have you said to yourself, “I SHOULD EAT THIS…”?  And instead of grabbing what you really wanted, you ate what you thought you should be eating, only to be left unsatisfied and frustrated?

No matter how many years go by and how into the eating groove I am, this pesky old thought still pops up for me sometimes.  I still reach for what I want and then hear myself think, “No, you really should eat this instead…”.  UGH.

I pride myself on having my finger on the pulse of what my body truly wants, but ultimately the “shoulds” never completely go away.

This morning for breakfast I had some special banana bread I baked this week with coconut oil and a mug of tea. I did some yoga stretches and went for a long walk and was hungry when I got back.

Immediately, my mind went to a bowl of oats. And then my brain got all fired up and my thoughts went like this:

“You already ate some carbs this morning–you should have a protein shake with greens.”

“Bleh–I’m just not feeling it right now and don’t think it will keep me satisfied.” 

“What I REALLY want is a bowl of oats right now; I can get my protein and greens in later.” 

“Deal. Let’s go have those oats now.”

When you’re questioning yourself and your eating intentions, check in with yourself. Ask yourself what you REALLY, TRULY want to eat and what will make you SATISFIED.

When I’m stuck in the part of my brain that’s talking to me about carbs vs protein and ignoring everything my heart is telling me, I’m not being true to myself.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the trap of what you THINK your body needs versus what you heart KNOWS it needs. There’s a fine line between the two, but if you can reconcile that line, and get out of your head and into your heart, you’ll create space for yourself to just listen and let the answers come.

Speaking of tapping into your soul superhighway…I hope you know you’re not alone in your journey.  Not only are you meant to not be alone trying to navigate through your struggles, but you need to give yourself permission to accept support, healing, and guidance into your life so you can reach your specific goals.

So many of you are struggling with:

*A long and continuous battle with your weight


*Feeling sexual and gorgeous about your body

*Fear of success and getting what you want

*Letting your bodies go

*Healthy relationships with food and people your’re close to


*Feeling worthy of taking care of yourselves

And yet in the midst of these struggles, many of you want to have these experiences instead:

*Celebrating yourselves

*Stop worrying about what other people think

*Let go of emotional eating–for good

*Feeling worthy of receiving life-changing coaching

*Having the tools to stop apologizing for your choices

*Realizing your’re lovable exactly the way they are 


I’m hosting my next live, in-person event October 22-24th in Fairfield, CT.  Reply to this email if you are ready to get aligned with your goals and get results for yourself.  It’s not difficult or complicated–there are no smoke and mirrors to get through–only your willingness to get everything you want out of life.

Live Gorgeously,



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