Menopause Mentor - Esther Blum


Welcome, My Menopausal Sisters! So excited you’re here.

The Menopause Mentorship is a gaslight-free zone I created to educate and empower you from perimenopause through menopause. With all the science and medical research we have at our fingertips, there is zero excuse for tolerating lazy medicine and suffering through menopause.

By 2030, there will be 1.2 billion women in menopause. Right now, only 4% are getting proper treatment. I’m here to change that because I know the smarter we get about our treatment options, the better we feel, and the greater the impact for generations to come.

There is a light at the end of the vaginal tunnel, and I will teach you everything I know through the process so you can unapologetically expect this to be the best time in your life!

So if you’re suffering from hot flashes, sleepless nights, adult acne, depression and anxiety, meno-rage, low libido, and the menopot…

If your body has been hijacked and you no longer feel like yourself…

If you know something is wrong, but you don’t know who to turn to for help…

If you feel like you’re going through this alone and shouting into an echo chamber…

It’s time to end that BS narrative that we have to suck it up and suffer!

Fact is, you absolutely CAN take specific, practical, do-able steps to give your operating a system a whole new upgrade.

Here’s what people are saying about working with Esther…

“I came to Esther with insomnia, joint aches, hormone imbalances, digestive problems, and skin infections. Esther cleaned up my diet big-time and put me on supplements to balance my hormones and heal my digestion. Within 2 months I was sleeping really well, my energy was way up, my digestion became consistent, and I lost 8 pounds and reduced my bloat and achy joints. Working with Esther has been the best money I’ve ever spent!”

Sam S.

“You have brought so much knowledge and insight to the forefront for me, thank you for giving me the initial insight to explore my options! At 46 I feel prepared to take control of my hormones and what is to come!”

Martine D.

Women are lucky to have you!! Your course is filled with equal parts science and empowerment. Women deserve better, thx for showing us all the path!!”

Andrea D.

I had never connected the changes in my sleep, weight, and elevated blood pressure & cholesterol to menopause. Doctors just wanted to give me prescriptions and tell me that I would have to take them for the rest of my life. After experiencing bad side effects I started researching on my own about how to improve my health without prescription drugs. It is as great to find Esther’s Menopause Mentorship course as a resource and hear other women’s stories.”

Linda J.

Esther makes menopause easy to understand so you can start making positive health changes NOW! Easily! This course is going to help so many women who have been dismissed by their Dr.’s who say “Everything looks normal it’s just menopause.” Thank you Esther Blum!”

Natalie A.

My name is Esther Blum and I’m an Integrative Dietitian and Menopause Expert. I help women like you make menopause your b*tch through nutrition, hormones, and self-advocacy.

I am also a mom, wife, author, and love lifting weights with my teenage son. In my past life, I was definitely a Nascar driver by day and a singer in an 80’s band by night. I’m fascinated by people’s stories of survival and resilience. I love to read print books and travel to new places. And anyone who can tell me a joke and make me laugh is someone I want to spend a lot of time with.

I’m loving the attention menopause is starting to get in mainstream media. Bu change must begin with US.

We are the ones who will create a paradigm shift by demanding better medical care for ourselves through menopause. The research is already out there to support the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, and every physician has the responsibility to update their standards of care as the research evolves.

I look forward to getting to know you better and giving you the tools and resources you need to thrive during this next phase of your life.

I promise you that I will do everything in my power to get you where you want to be.

And … I will teach you to be your own cheerleader and advocate for yourself because you deserve the best care available.

Please join me for the next 12 months and get the information and support you need to make the changes you need to make your life the best it can be!

When you join me for the 12-month Menopause Mentorship, you’ll learn how to:


  • Optimize your body composition
  • Calculate your own macros
  • Enjoy sample meal plans and recipes
  • Optimize your gut health
  • Restore your sleep
  • Manage your stress and say NO more!
  • Understand the best exercises for you right now


  • Interpret your bloodwork
  • Interpret your DUTCH test
  • Learn the best supplements to support you through menopause based on your lab tests
  • Understand how hormones work in the body and how they can help you
  • Determine the best time to start bringing in hormones


  • Advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office and ask for HRT
  • Find a good practitioner for you (no more gaslighting!)
  • Enjoy sex again and feel good in your body
  • Skyrocket your energy
  • Lose the menopot
  • Heal your pelvic floor
  • Work smarter, not harder!

And, you will be doing this in a community of badass women just like you! We are so much better when we are together and know we are not going through this alone.

To optimize your menocare, we recommend you have the following tests done:

We will give you a list of blood tests to have done that you can take to your doctor for a script that can be run through your insurance and looks at: 

Inflammatory markers

Cardiac risk factors

Blood sugar and insulin 

Thyroid function

Nutrient status

You will also be able to directly order a DUTCH at-home urine test to look at your production of hormones and how you detox your hormones in the liver. 

This is an important checkpoint because if you’re not processing your hormones well and you want to start HRT, you may have side effects. You will learn why you’re having symptoms. 

The DUTCH test also looks at your cortisol production and adrenal function so we can have a window into your sleep and energy.

You will have access to all the online teaching modules and there will be live office hours with Esther and Kim on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00pm-2:00pm EST where you can ask all the questions you like! 

Because the modules are already online, anyone can join at any time and get questions about lab testing answered.

You’ll Walk Away Armed with the Knowledge You Need to Make Menopause Your B*tch!

Here’s what people are saying about working with Esther…

“I can’t thank enough for the valuable knowledge and insight I’ve gained about perimenopause and menopause, and how my body and hormones are changing. The tips and advice on taking celery juice in the morning, ridding toxins daily, and incorporating protein in my diet have been transformative in my daily routine. It’s amazing how even small changes can make such a significant difference. I’m grateful for the emphasis placed on stress and sexual wellness, two essential aspects of my overall health that I’ve realized I was neglecting. I no longer feel ‘crazy’ or unsure about my symptoms, and I’m confident that I’m on the right path to working on them. Thank you for empowering me with the knowledge to take control of my health and wellness during this transition.”

Kate H.

“I can’t express how grateful I am to have discovered the resources and guidance provided to me about understanding my body’s changes with menopause. With recent UTI’s, I was at a loss for what I could do on my end to prevent them. But with the help of the estrogen knowledge and the right foods to eat – including animal protein for strong bones, I feel so much more empowered and in control of my health. The fitness tips, supplements, and testing have all been invaluable in tweaking my current routine. I’m now fully committed to taking care of myself and rocking midlife with confidence and vitality. Thank you for giving me the tools I need to continue thriving.”

Melissa M.

“Esther is truly amazing! I felt stuck. I kept gaining weight and thought I would be in pain forever. I couldn’t go on walks without my back, hips, and feet deeply hurting. So I drank to numb the pain. I have now been working with [Esther] for just 10 weeks and have already lost 35 pounds. Her guidance is simple and very effective. Exactly what I needed! She has completely changed my life and given me so much hope and happiness!”

Julie M.

“It wasn’t until I met Esther that I realized that my hormones were the root cause of all my symptoms. With Esther’s help, we got to the bottom of it, and with some very simple lifestyle changes and supplements, I’m finally sleeping, my skin is clearing up, and my mood swings are basically gone. I’m so grateful to have met Esther and have someone give me the answers I was looking for. I haven’t felt this good since my mid-twenties.”

Jessica T.

“I feel better than I have in years. I sleep well, have steady energy throughout the day, and don’t operate in a constant state of fogginess anymore. Esther … really, really knows her stuff.”

Christina N.

While you’re here, let me share my story with you…

I’m Esther Blum, and I help women master menopause through nutrition, hormones, and self-advocacy. I’m an Integrative Dietitian and menopause expert.

When I first entered the industry almost three decades ago, I saw right away that there was a problem with how the medical field dealt with women going through perimenopause and menopause. More accurately, with how they didn’t. 

Women were expected to suffer through, or to use one-size-fits-all approaches that mask problems rather than fixing them.

I knew back then that I needed to do something about it.  

I made menopause my specialty.

My goal is to change the landscape of menopause and I’ve raised awareness on goop, Forbes, the Today Show, and ABC-TV. I’ve been interviewed for Well + Good, Time Magazine, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, In Style, Bazaar, Self, Fitness, Marie Claire, Cosmo, and Forbes.

I’m the bestselling author of See ya later, Ovulator; Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat; Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous; Secrets of Gorgeous; and The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project.

Right now women are learning more about menopause through social media than they do from their own doctors. 

It’s my mission to change that—to empower women like to make menopause your b*tch.