why the no-diet diet approach to eating works - Esther Blum

why the no-diet diet approach to eating works

Education to Empowerment with Esther Blum, Integrative Dietitian and High Performance Coach

Hi Gorgeous, 

Your beliefs about what you can accomplish can be either liberating or limiting.

A client I had previously worked with in 2012 reached out to me this week because she had become so obsessed with dieting that it was dominating her life and her family felt she was becoming unbearable to be around.

Oh how I can relate to that!

As moms we pretty much rule the roost at home. Our moods, our tone, and our actions all regulate the emotional thermostat without our homes each day. So if we’re down, the team tends to be down, too. It’s weighty in every sense of the word.

I can recall years of being so unhappy with the state of my body that I lashed out to my boys around me – much to their surprise, and sometimes sadness. It felt horrible but I couldn’t seem to help myself.

Until I decided to change. That meant putting the brakes on all plans diet. No more books, no more reading articles or comparing myself to fitness professionals doing body female body competitions. In other words, no more looking for answers outside my body and my heart. It meant I had to hold space for what would really show up for me emotionally and dial in to figuring out exactly what my body needs.

On a daily basis, my body loves whole foods carbs (lots of fruits, veggies, sweet potatoes), and small amounts of fats. It needs about 8-10 ounces of protein per day. It needs fresh cucumber and celery juice with a splash of lemon or coconut water, along with long walks at least 4x per week and strength training 2x per week. And that’s it.

There are no magic pills, no strict diets, no counting calories, and no self-limiting beliefs. I have the power to unapologetically decide exactly what goes into my body at what times during the day. Or how often I need to eat. Or whether or not I have a cocktail (or two) on the weekends.

Once you understand that chasing diet plans is a never-ending and exhausting hustle, you step off the hamster wheel. You shut down the noise and chatter in your head. You clear space in your mind for the voices you’ve been suppressing for years to finally bubble up and tell you lovingly that YOU KNOW. You really, really do.

I’m not saying it won’t feel a little scary to let go of living a life of someone else telling you what to eat, but in my humble opinion the risk is worth it. Creating your own rules always wins in the sustainability department – and it’s a lot more fun, too.

For those of you who are finally ready to bravely go where you may have never gone before and explore a whole new way to eat and live your life…let’s talk about not only what you’d like to accomplish for yourself but how we can collaborate and help you get there. I will make your results exactly as important as you make them for yourself.

Love yourself and live gorgeously (and Happy Mother’s Day!),

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