Bruce C.

"I have lost 20 pounds so far working with Esther for 12 weeks. 
I have gone through other diet programs that left me hungry and caused me to gain weight. After hearing Esther speak at a luncheon, I decided to work with her. She has taught me label literacy and to look for carbs, fat, and protein when I eat. She also looked at my calories and found the right amount to help me feel full and drop the pounds fast. I no longer crave sweets in the afternoons, though I still crave Brunettes. I’m never abnormally hungry. I know how to eat at parties.

I can live a normal life with this diet. No starving, no math degree, no failure. 
You get the idea, I am in a successful pain-free and torture-free diet. I am having no trouble losing weight. I look in the mirror and know that in two more months I will be "hot", and that will be at the end of the summer (not a result of climate change.)

Above all, thanks for your help & humor.

Shari H.

"I have lost 20 pounds so far with Esther. Esther has been a pleasure to work with—she is so insightful and was able to create a food plan that I can use for the long haul. After identifying my goals, she gave me tools to keep me on track and accountable for my own success in a judgment-free way. Her warmth and positive spirit also helps to keep me motivated as I continue on the road to improved health and fitness!"

Tara L.

"Since working with Esther I feel like I’m nourishing myself versus wondering how much lettuce I could eat to keep me full. It makes me really wonder how much I was starving my body. I’m now eating things I haven’t let myself eat in ten years because I thought they would make me fat. Amen to that!"

Emily H.

"Esther has been amazing! She delivers a wonderful combination of professional guidance, encouragement and girlfriend honesty to help her clients achieve results. She armed me with sustainable tools to lose some stubborn pounds and she was diligent about helping me achieve the right combination of carbs and protein that would keep me satisfied and fuel my workouts."

Jen K.

"What have you done to me?? I was up at 7:30 this morning, no problem...ready to go. I had my celery juice, a smoothie and made a delicious roasted tomato soup with these beautiful roma tomatoes I found yesterday...All before 10:30!!! I used to want to stay in bed until 10:30. It is 4 days before my period--no mood swings, no breast tenderness--which never happens--and very minimal chocolate cravings which I squashed with cacao powder, honey and unsweetened macadamia nut milk. AND I lost another 3 pounds this past week--that's a total of 9 pounds in 3 weeks. Thank you!!!"

Michelle L.

"I lost 13 pounds over the course of a year and I know it will stay off. Esther helped me through the battle of creating a new lifestyle. I say that because it wasn’t easy for me. It did not happen overnight, and there were many times that I got frustrated (ask my now husband) but as each week went on things got easier. I certainly had and still have slip-ups, eating gluten when I knew I shouldn’t, or missing that workout because I wanted to sleep in. In the end, I have realized that the only person that is hurting is myself and now I stop and ask myself- “Is it really worth it?” Sometimes I answer yes and know what the repercussions are and sometimes it is the inner discussion that says no stay on track. Now at 20% body fat I can say that both Esther was right, it’s a marathon not a sprint."

Emily P.

"After 2 1/2 months of no grains or processed foods (minus a few cheats of course), I have gone from taking pills four times a day to being completely medication free!! Take that to the doctor who told me I could not heal my Chron’s disease with food! I am thankful for you, Esther. Because you are making it your mission in life to help people regain their health you are saving lives in the process, including mine.”

Laurie C.

"My rheumatologist referred me to Esther because I had struggled unsuccessfully to lose weight and have suffered with lupus arthritis for the past 20 years. I contacted Esther for help losing weight, but more importantly, for help changing my diet and lifestyle to reduce the amount of inflammation in my body. Esther created a modified Paleo diet plan that was tailored to meet my specific needs. She encouraged me to explore exercises that I could do despite my joint limitations. After the first three months, I had lost 20 lbs and felt better than I have in decades! I am moving better, using less anti-inflammatory medication and have cut my CRP level in half! Esther has given me the tools I need to lose more weight and the hope that I will continue to feel better. Working with Esther was a pleasure and I am eternally grateful for how she has changed my life!"

Marci S.

“I came to Esther because I was overweight with severe migraines 3-4 times per week. I am a real foodie and didn't want to limit my diet too much, but I was willing to try what Esther recommended because I wanted to get my life back. Esther shifted my diet around, did some digging through my blood work and uncovered the root cause of my migraines, and added in some supplements. Within 4 weeks, my migraines had decreased to 2x per week and I had lost 10 lbs. This was in the middle of moving from a house to an apartment and being on the go. I was also able to work in some long walks and use the gym in my building. I had two more appointments with and in 11 weeks I had lost 20 lbs of body fat and was down to 1-2 migraines a month. I’ll take it! Thanks Esther.”

Alison G.

"Thank you Esther for giving me a simple diet to follow to heal my complicated autoimmune condition. I am grateful you knew immediately how to address my needs and shut down my anxiety as a result so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. You helped me understand how to follow a Paleo diet and give me the confidence to know and trust my body will heal in time free of grains and dairy. I can’t wait to give Hashimoto’s the boot!"

Carter G.

"I lost 25 lbs in three months working with Esther. Those were the best days of my life I think. Losing weight carried over to my business life as well. My career took off because I felt so good about the way I took care of my body.
Following a disciplined diet and exercise routine also transferred over to a disciplined way to invest. You feel more confident. You feel just extremely good about yourself when you know you’ve gone through the work to get results. Because I took control of my life and was living a healthier lifestyle, I would get in to work earlier so I could leave early and go work out. My energy level and my endurance was
higher because I was in better shape.
I think when you educated me about what to eat and how often to eat, that really helped out a lot. I knew I was accountable to you because I had to keep a food log. At the time I was going on business meetings and traveling a lot. You taught me which foods to look for in a menu and which ones to stay away from and that was really helpful to me—especially when I was out on the road so much.
Thanks Esther!"

Lisa W.

"When I started working with Esther, I was feeling somewhat hopeless about finding something to help with my energy and digestion troubles. From the get-go, our sessions were energizing and successful. We did have some hurdles, but Esther was never "stumped". She always had something to conquer whatever wasn't working for me. Esther is exciting to work with, energizing and tuned in and she knows her stuff. I am in a better place physically and energetically after working with her. "

AC Pete

"Ok, it’s only been a week on your Paleo plan.... All this Cavewoman can say is LIFE CHANGING! Thank you so much, Esther! I can’t wait to see where the journey takes me if, after only a week, I feel this good!
Due to severe RA pain, I went on meds that I didn’t need! In 4 months I gained 50 pounds and hadn’t changed anything about my life, diet, exercise everyday and still gain so much! Yikes! So I decided to go Paleo and take your advice. In one week, I have a ton more energy, none of my joints hurt, and I’ve been killing my workouts! Thank you—you are appreciated and that your work is touching peoples’ lives and making a difference. Thanks for helping me get back to living gorgeously!"

Tiffin J.

“Working with you created pure awareness, and being conscious and connecting my life style and what I was eating and drinking with my physical state and mental state and how that was connecting with just my life in general made a HUGE difference. And because of my experience with you I was better equipped as I got older because I had some of that learning under my belt and you helped me build a little foundation. I should also thank you for helping me get pregnant within 2 months of working together even though I had PCOS!"

Anne-Marie C.

“I attended Esther's Radically Gorgeous Retreat in September last year and it was a turning point in my life around self care and focusing on what I wanted and needed in my life. I flew out to the East Coast from San Francisco (I had to go East to find the magic) thinking I would be doing a weekend of yoga, having massages and listening to some interesting stuff. Instead I did some energy blasting kickboxing, kayaked around by myself on a beautiful lake, discovered great restaurants (yes Esther is a nutritionist but she loves good food and a cocktail) and brainstormed on what it was I REALLY, REALLY needed to do and activate for myself. I came back with a business and health plan! Fast forward almost one year later - I have regained my energy and health, lost and kept off enough weight that makes me feel sexy and strong (BTW I don't use the scale anymore, I just refer to how my body feels) AND I have left my job and started a coaching certification and my own coaching and consulting business. Was it all easy no, do I have doubts some days –YES– but I have had Esther by my side reminding me what I wanted, holding me accountable to my goals and supporting me all the way.”

Lauren K.

"I had the pleasure of taking Esther’s 6 week Gorgeous Summer Ready Course. Esther met each of the group’s members at the place where we were starting and found common ground that we could all work on while giving specific strategies for each member for their particular need. I learned more than I could have imagined, and working with Esther was such a pleasure. She is knowledgable, enthusiastic, and has a fantastic sense of humor-a winning combination that kept the group motivated and engaged. Thank you Esther!"

Brooke E.

"Esther is a legit dietician with so much knowledge for wherever you are in your life. Not only does she have wisdom, but a practical approach to health that feels doable because it enables you partake in life’s pleasures every once in a while without guilt. Esther helped me bust through my sugar cravings and helped my kids come up with alternative dessert plans—and she came to my house and cooked with all of us! If you work with Esther you will have fun and be held accountable to reach whatever goal you set with her. I would highly recommend Esther to anyone who is ready to reach a goal with structure, accountability, and FUN."

Jessica Bengtson, Executive Chef, Terrain Garden Cafe

"I've worked with Esther for over 5 years now and she continually amazes me in how she evolves, educates herself and grows. Watching her speak to a class is breathtaking; she speaks so eloquently and reaches everyone from experts to total newbies. I've never worked with someone who has such a hold on balance. Esther has played an instrumental role in helping me heal my chronic health conditions through dietary changes; this was revolutionary for me. As a culinary professional I like to think I know quite a bit about food and nutrition and every time I sit with Esther I realize just how much I have to learn and grow. Her vast knowledge and spectrum of education is undeniable and she is one of the few people on the market that is capable of touching so many realms of education. I am forever grateful for Esther.”

Andrea Davis, Wellness Manager at CBP Consulting

"As a speaker, Esther has an amazing ability to connect with her audience instantly and within moments, the audience feels at ease and open to the knowledge she has to share.

I have known Esther both professionally and personally for nearly 15 years. She has built a loyal following with my client Peloton for the past three years through Healthy Cooking Demos, Nutrition Talks, and teaching people simple but powerful tools to get healthy eating real food. Esther truly commands a room and is able to draw people over to her easily, even those who were certain they wanted nothing to do with living a healthier lifestyle. I think her no nonsense approach to nutrition and mindset coupled with her wit and honesty make her someone that people want to talk to, share with, and learn from. Esther would be a wonderful presenter for any organization or group."

Sara Koch, Owner, studiO Yoga & Barre

"Esther gave a super-informative talk about gut health at studiO. She gave us strategic moves we could immediately put into action to reverse gas, bloating, reflux and constipation. But my favorite part was how Esther helped everyone understand the mind-body connection between food and mood and how powerful the mental piece was between what you eat and how you look and feel. Esther made everyone feel comfortable in the room and was super funny, too! We look forward to having her back again soon."

Shoreline Integrative Pharmacy

"Esther Blum presented in our integrative pharmacy on April 6th, 2017 on the topic of “Getting Un-stuck”. This was a conversation to inspire getting out of your daily habits and incorporating (healthy) change into your life. The turnout was impressive. The women who came to the event thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. Esther made the experience very interactive, as opposed to Esther doing all the talking. Esther’s knowledge made for a very impactful presentation. She gave valid, fact-based information for her answers. It was clear Esther is well educated in nutrition. By the end of the time she spent with everyone, the audience was leaving with their notes they made during the workshop. I would highly recommend Esther. She engages with her clientele and inspires them to embrace change to a healthier lifestyle."

Elsa Sykes, Founder, Orchards End Health

"I had the privilege of working with Esther as guest presenter at my health center in New Canaan. Esther was instrumental in designing a gentle yet effective detox program to complement the more rigorous program that I created for my clients seeking quick results. Many of my clients chose to subscribe to her very balanced nutritional protocol because they realized that it was more in keeping with their lifestyle and would put them on the path to sustainable transformation . In other words, she offered a program that made getting healthy fun, practical, and doable! As a co-dietetics and wellness professional, I am always left inspired by her presence and view on life. She so thoroughly relates and touches everyone she meets.

Esther can inspire those around her to not only value themselves for exactly who they are, as they are, but then empower her clients to reach their personal best. She truly connects those that she works with, with the authentic "why" behind their motivation for change. She is encouraging with a "Some is better than none; more is better than some" philosophy, yet when stuck at exactly how to integrate the more, Esther takes a creative approach to get you to that next level. She does this without pressure or expectations , only nurturing support and genuine empathy. Health professionals get stuck and in ruts with creativity around exercise and nutrition too and Esther has personally gotten me over a few of these humps when it came to the best ways to organically grow my business or manage my stress.

Esther is an inspiration to work beside. She is phenomena l at her job, and her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for making positive changes is very contagious. She takes the time to work with you on your unique, personal and professional issues. By combining this with unwavering encouragement and positivity, it allows the challenging act of making major changes much more attainable. I look forward to creating opportunities for us to work together in the future and I highly recommend that you do the same if you want to elevate your frequency and/or take you career to the next level."

Romy Pokorny Weinberg, Programming Director, Mark Twain Public Library

"Esther presented a program on nutrition and weight loss for an adult audience at the Mark Twain Public Library in Redding, CT. She was engaging and informative, feeding this curious group morsels of scientific knowledge with her trademark warmth and wit. She listened carefully and validated each and every comment, question or concern and offered thoughtful, careful responses. She was inspiring and encouraging, and everyone walked away having learned something new, with skills they were able to apply at their next meal. Several wrote to the library thanking us for having such a knowledgable, fun expert to talk about a sometimes-not-so-fun topic! I highly recommend Esther as a speaker or presenter to any organization."

Michael Szczesny IV

"Working with Esther has truly been a blessing. She curated and created all the recipes for our smoothies and juices before we opened our cafe. Naturally enthusiastic about life, Esther's experience in spiritual, emotional and physical optimization is second to none. It is with this enthusiasm and strong consultative approach that differentiates your standard "results" from real life-changing transformations that last a lifetime. Esther's deep knowledge in nutrition and individually tailored nutrient combinations will multiply the bio-availability in you and serve as a launchpad for a successful transformation. Be aware, partnering with Esther may cause feelings of deep emotional well-being, healthy weight loss/gain, spiritual awakenings and outbursts of joy and self-realization. I recommend Esther to my closest family and friends and I am very lucky to have met her and even more lucky to have gotten a chance to work with her! Thank you!"