PSA to the women - Esther Blum

PSA to the women

Education to Empowerment with Esther Blum, Integrative Dietitian and High Performance Coach

Hi Gorgeous,

PSA to all of you who think you look fat in pictures:

Chances are you don’t look fat.

In fact, you’re going to look back at those pics in 10 years and think how fabulous and young you actually looked and say to yourself, “Man what was I thinking?!?”

For those of you who’ve undergone dramatic weight loss transformations, this post does not apply to you


But for the rest of us who undergo self-loathing, harsh criticisms, and shame when looking at our bodies through the camera lens…


Enough hijacking your own self-worth and value.

Enough shaming your body which does about 1,000,000 things for you every day.

Enough giving other women permission to feel like crap about their bodies because we are leading the way to making it okay to talk sh*t about our bodies. Fat-shaming should never be a bonding experience.

Enough giving in to media expectations and pressure about what we’re “supposed” to look like.

The next time to see or hear yourself or a friend talking smack about your shape, snap out of it. Commit to disrupting the whole body-shaming movement that keeps women imprisoned in their own misery for actually living in NORMAL, healthy bodies. It’s time you honored the joy and reality of your shape. Today, here, now.

Live Gorgeously,


How do you push through "fat days"? Is gluten really that bad for me?