How do you push through "fat days"? - Esther Blum

How do you push through “fat days”?

Hi Gorgeous,

No amount of lifting weights or changing your diet will change how you feel about your body – only your mind can do that.

I’ve talked to everyone from supermodels to clients to friends to my own mother about how each of these women felt around their own bodies.

Everyone has insecurities.
Everyone has “fat” days.
Everyone struggles with the painful time someone told them they were fat or noticed they gained weight.

You are not alone in having insecurities about your own body. But it’s probably time to shift and let that go.

So how do you push through the pain and struggle?

You love the hell out of your body by eating nutrient-dense foods.
You understand that value and service to others has nothing to do with your size.
You also understand that the only way we’re going to shift body-shaming into body-slaying is to lead by example.
You buy clothes that fit you really well and cut the labels out if you don’t like the number.
You get over yourself because you know you can’t escape your mind or your body and you’re in this game for the long-haul.

If this message resonates with you, get with me. I’m looking for 3 badass women who are seriously ready or are already rocking in the self-love department but want to push the envelope with new goals for fitness, mindset and business ideas. It’s time to rock and roll.

Live Gorgeously,

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  1. I would love your help in getting in shape. I need help, I want this so bad. I have no clue what to eat, what to eat, what exercises to do, how much sleep I need, what vitamins I need, etc. If you can help me with those that would be a miracle. I’ve paid so many people to try and help me get in shape and eat right but I never ended up loosing weight. If anything I gained. I don’t know if it’s just impossible for me to loose weight and get fit or if those people are a joke. One thing that is extremely hard about me trying to eat healthy is I am a picky eater. I don’t like a lot of food that is good for you. Like fish, I can’t do it, I just can’t. Cale is another food I don’t like, I don’t like carrots. And much more that I probably should be eating. So I need help with taking the foods that i do like and letting me know if it’s good for me and if so when to eat it, how much, and how often to eat it. Help me please!

    1. Sorry, in my last message some words are spelled incorrectly. Hope you still understand what I was meaning to say. Darn phone autocorrect but NOT correct!