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Client Success Stories From My Gorgeous Tribe…

After 2 1/2 months of no grains or processed foods (minus a few cheats of course), I have gone from taking pills four times a day to being completely medication free!! Take that to the doctor who told me I could not heal my Chron’s disease with food! I am thankful for you, Esther. Because you are making it your mission in life to help people regain their health you are saving lives in the process, including mine.

— Emily P.

Thank you Esther for giving me a simple diet to follow to heal my complicated autoimmune condition. I am grateful you knew immediately how to address my needs and shut down my anxiety as a result so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. You helped me understand how to follow a Paleo diet and give me the confidence to know and trust my body will heal in time free of grains and dairy. I can’t wait to give Hashimoto’s the boot!

— Alison G.

I lost 13 pounds over the course of a year and I know it will stay off. Esther helped me through the battle of creating a new lifestyle. I say that because it wasn’t easy for me. It did not happen overnight, and there were many times that I got frustrated (ask my now husband) but as each week went on things got easier. I certainly had and still have slip-ups, eating gluten when I knew I shouldn’t, or missing that workout because I wanted to sleep in. In the end, I have realized that the only person that is hurting is myself and now I stop and ask myself- “Is it really worth it?” Sometimes I answer yes and know what the repercussions are and sometimes it is the inner discussion that says no stay on track. Now at 20% body fat I can say that both Esther was right, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

— Michelle L.

Ok, it’s only been a week on your Paleo plan…. All this Cavewoman can say is LIFE CHANGING! Thank you so much, Esther! I can’t wait to see where the journey takes me if, after only a week, I feel this good!

Due to severe RA pain, I went on meds that I didn’t need! In 4 months I gained 50 pounds and hadn’t changed anything about my life, diet, exercise everyday and still gain so much! Yikes! So I decided to go Paleo and take your advice. In one week, I have a ton more energy, none of my joints hurt, and I’ve been killing my workouts! Thank you—you are appreciated and that your work is touching peoples’ lives and making a difference. Thanks for helping me get back to living gorgeously!

— AC Pete

Working with Esther was a deeply powerful experience. She helped me rediscover the self I had been burying for years in a job I hated and get clear on my mission and purpose. Together we crafted a timeline and business plan for me to fly solo and launch my own business. Within 2 months of working with Esther I had quit my job. Fast forward to six months later and I’m getting ready to go live with my newly developed products! I can also smile and say. I’ve cleaned up my digestion and lost weight along the way. Thank you for EVERYTHING, Esther—I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

— Anne C.

Working with you created pure awareness, and being conscious and connecting my life style and what I was eating and drinking with my physical state and mental state and how that was connecting with just my life in general made a HUGE difference. And because of my experience with you I was better equipped as I got older because I had some of that learning under my belt and you helped me build a little foundation. I should also thank you for helping me get pregnant within 2 months of working together even though I had PCOS!

— Tiffin J.

I lost 25 lbs in three months working with you. Those were the best days of my life I think. Losing weight carried over to my business life as well. My career took off because I felt so good about the way I took care of my body.

Following a disciplined diet and exercise routine also transferred over to a disciplined way to invest. You feel more confident. You feel just extremely good about yourself when you know you’ve gone through the work to get results. Because I took control of my life and was living a healthier lifestyle, I would get in to work earlier so I could leave early and go work out. My energy level and my endurance was
higher because I was in better shape.

I think when you educated me about what to eat and how often to eat, that really helped out a lot. I knew I was accountable to you because I had to keep a food log. At the time I was going on business meetings and traveling a lot. You taught me which foods to look for in a menu and which ones to stay away from and that was really helpful to me—especially when I was out on the road so much.
Thanks Esther!

— Carter G.