She never lost the last 10 pounds and she lived happily ever after... - Esther Blum

She never lost the last 10 pounds and she lived happily ever after…

Do you feel like you’ve tried a zillion ways of eating and the last 10 pounds have unpacked their (saddle)bags and are here to stay? I feel you because I am you.

I used to be anti red meat…then I wrote a book about going Paleo. I used to be anti vegan…then I had to go vegan…while my book about going Paleo was launching. I used to think being overweight was a weakness…then I gained weight while I wasn’t sleeping. I used to be so incredibly hard on myself, which manifested itself in the form of criticizing and judging others.

Thankfully, I’ve let all that garbage go. My health journey has been utterly humbling and the greatest teacher of all time. So now when I see some type of diet that looks super seductive and promises miracles I say, “No thank you, that’s not a fit for me or my mental state of wellness.” And thank God I know that about myself. I choose sanity over vanity every single day. Who am I to judge or worry about any of it? It’s time to just BE and stop taking it all so seriously.

Because the truth is, we know nothing!

And when we surrender to that, we can simply listen to what our bodies are telling us. There’s no static or noise (or judgement). Just information. The weight will come off if it needs to…or not.

Today I’d like you to pay attention to the signs of what your body is telling you. If you’re not feeling your best, try to be open to the possibilities of change in your life. Try introducing more fruits and vegetables into your day. Try playing with carbs. And fat. And protein. Pay attention to your energy and mental clarity during the day. To your stomach bloat. And workout endurance.
Mix it up. Have fun and play! Sleep around a little bit ????

Extreme eating is very seductive on paper and while a fit for some of us, not sustainable for most of us. That doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you, that you lack willpower, that you’re a big wimp, or that you’ll never see results for yourself if you can’t eat that way.
What it means is that that type of extreme eating is not a fit for you, it is not sustainable, and you need to think about what truly works for your body and what you can sustain in the long run.

For me that means high quality, low glycemic carbs, proteins, and fats every day at each meal. That is balance for me. Had I not spent time exploring other options and observing how my body liked or disliked those options, I would not be able to say this with confidence. But since I’ve tried so many ways of eating, I know this much to be true. And I’m deeply proud of that. My body is not my lowest weight but it’s in a solid place of balance.

Invest time in yourself and stay unapologetic about your choices. Nourish yourself with the finest of foods, playing with quantities of the macronutrients, move every day, sleep, and keep your digestion healthy.

It doesn’t matter what diets have worked for anyone else–Paleo, keto, vegan, or otherwise–it only matters if it happens to work for you. Release your judgement and attachment to your old way of eating and make room for the new if need be.

And when you’re ready to embrace and conquer next level thinking for yourself, apply to work with me here. Every day I help people just like you finally figure out exactly how and what to eat and what works for your body so you can feel amazing and free up some serious mental real estate.

Live Gorgeously,

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