Should I exercise on an empty stomach or after I eat? - Esther Blum

Should I exercise on an empty stomach or after I eat?

“Should I exercise on an empty stomach or after I eat?”
“Do I have to eat protein before and carbs after workouts?”
“Is exercise better in the morning vs at night?”

I like to keep things SUPER simple. All the worrying we do about what is “right” vs what is “wrong” with our workouts will not only raise cortisol and make the situation worse, but also takes up way too much mental real estate.

Too much time in your head = not enough time in your heart.

There is NO right or wrong, here– just get your workouts done consistently and the rest will take care of itself.

Think about what movements you enjoy most and what makes you feel good. Capoeira classes? Great. Want to lift heavy? Go for it. Want to go for long walks on the beach? Groovy.

Spend time in the pleasure zone of movement, breath, play, and pleasure. Feel sexy and beautiful as you revel in all the magic your body can do. Or if you’re having chronic aches and pains, bask in the gratitude of what you are capable of doing and how good you’ll feel as a result of loosening up your joints and muscles.

Don’t let your mind dictate your accomplishments–lead with your heart instead!

Live Gorgeously,

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