So I fit into my skinny jeans... SO WHAT?!? - Esther Blum

So I fit into my skinny jeans… SO WHAT?!?

Hi Gorgeous,

So today I pulled on one of my fave pairs of skinny pants and they were super comfy–no lying down on the bed required to zip them up or watching my cake top hang over the sides when I fastened the waist! 

Nothing else in my life changed for better or worse–I just have another item of clothing in rotation 😉

I’ve had to switch up my diet of late and go back on the vegan wagon to clear out my stubborn Epstein-Barr symptoms. 

I also restructured my workouts to correct and address postural probs and some pesky nerve issues in my foot.

In the past I would have struggled and fought the changes, holding on to familiarity and control.  But I wasn’t feeling any better and knew I had to let go and make room for change.

Instead of fighting it, I leaned into it. It’s what my body needs to heal. 

Was it scary at first to reduce the intensity of my workouts? YES. I hate to cut back on working out and I don’t like changing my diet, either. But I know it’s not forever, and that gives me peace.

I was also wondering if I would gain weight, but the opposite actually happened, because my digestion chilled out with the changes, so I was able to drop about 5 lbs. As much as I love meat, it doesn’t always agree with me (another big thing to reconcile in my life!).

We all have a choice every day:



TEND TO THEM so they go away.

So now I ask you this:

-What if you spent some time playing detective with your body?  
-What if you regularly did a body, life, and emotional scan and gave yourself the space to think about EXACTLY what items in your life needed attention?
-What if you went full tilt into those changes and gave yourself time and space to figure out if and how those changes were serving you?

I’m betting you’ll get the results you want in about half the time. Either way, you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Live Gorgeously,

PS> I’d love to know more about you–> Tell me what you want for yourself.  Let’s put the Woo in your Hoo and bring you to your happy place 😉



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