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Ten ways to love your body more

Hi Gorgeous,

Things got nutty (in a good way) on my Facebook page last week. People had a confessional about the fact that they couldn’t break up with the scale. The struggle is real, isn’t it? Every time we step on that scale we subject ourselves to shame, torture, and low-self esteem. It’s time to put that bag of bricks down and pick up your life. So let’s talk about ten amazing ways you can love your body more and give shame the boot.

1. Stop weighing yourself.

2. Measure your success by the pounds you can lift in the gym-not the pounds you see on the scale.

3. Write down your success stories, whether it’s getting your child to potty train his/herself, make healthier choices, or communicate better with you. If you are serving clients, gather testimonials from your clients and read them on your down days to reminder self of your awesomeness. Let your validation come from your skills and not your weight.

4. Strive to be in service of others-there is no greater way to lift the spirit and the soul.
If you hear yourself complaining about something three times, commit to acting on changing your complaint. So if you’re feeling exhausted all the time, commit to cleaning up your sleep hygiene, drinking more water, and getting 15 minutes of movement daily. This is the art of self-love.

5. Fuel your body with gorgeous, energizing, real food. Food is the greatest antidepressant and you can raise your feel good neurotransmitters in your brain with a proper breakfast. My favorite breakfast go to’s are either a fruit and vegetable smoothie with wild blueberries, wild Alaskan salmon plus avocado, or steak, eggs, and bitter greens.

6. Buy yourself a juicer-you can get them cheap on Amazon.com–and start having a green juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You will hydrate yourself, keep your digestive system regular, and have more energy all day long–I promise. My all-time fave is straight up celery juice first thing in the morning to rebuild digestive fire, but you can also do anything you like, such as cucumbers, kale, ginger, parsley, wheat grass, or spinach–whatever you’re gorgeous heart desires.

7. Forgive yourself. You’re human and you’re going to screw up all the time. Let it go, apologize and ask forgiveness, take ownership, and then launch it.

8. Know that you have zero control over anyone else’s thoughts.

9. Listen to podcasts of people who inspire you. I’m currently rocking the Tim Ferris Show, Marie Forleo, and Ali Brown.

10. Keep reading these emails from me 😉 You are not alone and I’m here to show you that you had the power all along, my dear…

Live Gorgeously,

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