"Thank God for you." - Esther Blum

“Thank God for you.”

“Thank God for you.”

This is what my client told me this morning after we unearthed a long-standing autoimmune issue that all doctors had missed. This man has been suffering for most of his adult life and was deeply grateful to finally have answers and a solid road map.

This healing journey we humans are on is a beautiful mess. Sure we need the clinical bases covered. We need to know our thyroids are working well and our autoimmune situation is being addressed. We need to feel energized and have mental focus. We need our pain under control. And to know what lies ahead in our path.

But most of all, we need to know we are not alone in our journey. That someone else is going the distance with us. Making sure we are loved, cared for, and supported. Leaving no stone un-turned. Taking care of our physical, emotional, and psychological needs. And that we will heal in time.

And so I would love to continue the conversation about your health with you. If you are struggling with chronic issues that won’t budge like brain fog, low energy, insomnia, or weight gain–and you’ve decided it’s time to finally take charge of these issues so you can reclaim your life again–message me. It’s time that you felt amazing every day.

Live Gorgeously,

I wasn't always the poster child for healthy eating... Nobody will give you permission to love on yourself.