What's the greatest gift you can give yourself? - Esther Blum

What’s the greatest gift you can give yourself?

Hi Gorgeous,

The greatest gift I have learned to give is to show up as myself.

I used to pride myself on being a chameleon, adjusting how I acted, the way I dressed, what I would eat, just to fit in. I thought that if I didn’t cause a fuss or draw attention to myself, it would just make everything easier.

Looking back, I had to try on different personalities to figure out who I was. But as a result, I wound up with many pieces of my life out of sync. Most importantly, I had a business that was out of alignment with who I wanted to serve.

I’m over fitting in–it actually gives me the hives. Now, I want to inspire. When I am myself, it gives others the courage to do the same. When I gave myself permission to listen to that inner voice, all the pieces of my life moved back into a powerful place–especially my business and the clients I now serve.

We need to shine our lights bright so others know how to follow our lead. That is all. Everything else will fall into place.

90% of my private clients are women, and the one thing that’s consistent across the board is that many of them are afraid of making waves and drawing attention to themselves.

Ladies, it’s time to get LOUD.

Be loud about who you are. Be loud about what you wear. Be loud about what you think. Stand your ground. Shine bright to light the way for those around you. Be bold and fearless. Love loudly and turn up the volume on that inner voice.

You don’t need to fit in – it’s time you stood out.

Live Gorgeously,

Oh, one more thing… Have been setting my intent for 2017 about my retreats and wanted to put the feelers out there. When women come to my #RadicallyGorgeous retreats and enter my coaching programs, they don’t know exactly what’s going to go down or what their lives will look like on the other side. And yet they show up, open-hearted and ready to do some serious self-development work in a space solely dedicated to their own unique journeys.

What I love most about these weekend intensives is teaching women my greatest tool for success: Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable.

We can’t prepare ourselves for every outcome or know what tools we use will be a success. And we don’t have to.

What we do need to know is that the process of changing our marital landscapes, building our own businesses, changing the way we parent, or taking ownership of our health and our bodies can be an uncomfortable journey. And that the discomfort is the exact sign we need to show us that we’re on the exact path we need to be on.

Most of us think that healing is a linear progression:

If I eat healthy–> I will lose weight–> Then I’ll love my life.

If I have sex more–> My marriage will be healthy–> Then I’ll be happy.

If I lose 10 pounds–> I’ll feel better about myself–> All my body image problems will disappear and I’ll have an easy relationship with food.

For the lucky few, this is true, and the process is effortless. But for most of us, the root of the problem goes way deeper. If we can give ourselves space to figure out where we’re struggling, and stay present in the process, then we can bust through stubborn blocks and give ourselves permission to get the results we want.

True healing has deep, rich layers that we must learn from. As we peel off each layer, there are specific lessons to learn and grow from. And in the process we have to come to terms with each lesson and take full responsibility for ourselves during the journey.

No one can take this journey or do the work for you; the trip is yours and yours alone.

Clarity –> Alignment With Goals –> Growth –> Power –> Fulfillment of Your Desires

I am hosting only one Radically Gorgeous weekend in 2017~ reply to this email if you are interested in changing your life with this course.


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