How to overcome the negative voices in your head. - Esther Blum

How to overcome the negative voices in your head.

Hi Gorgeous,

Remember a few weeks back I wrote a post about being comfortable in my body and shared a picture of me and my adorable grandfather who we called Popie?

Well.  Let me tell you a story about one of my favorite people in my life who was one of my greatest doubters.  Popie was an ENT physician who was fondly known as the Tonsil King of Brooklyn.  He was a gifted surgeon with steady hands–which also served him well with his second career as an artist.  And he believed medicine was the end-all be-all career.

So when I told him I was going to study nutrition, he really gave it to me.  “What do you MEAN you’re going to be a dietitian?  You’ll NEVER make any money!  You should be going to medical school!”  

Having doubters in our life can be the greatest gift in overcoming challenges–and ultimately defines how we view ourselves and our place in this world.  How many times have you heard or told yourself this (or something similar):

“You will never lose weight–you’ll always be fat.”

“Don’t get too thin–you’re just going to regain all the weight you lost.”

“Don’t set your sights too high–you’ll set yourself up for disappointment.”

“What if it doesn’t work and you fail?  Then what?”

“You’re never going to make any money doing that–the odds are stacked against you.”

And on and on and on…!  Oh negative people of the world, please stop raining on our collective parade so that the rest of us may shine in all our glory!!  😉

No matter what the odds are in your life, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is your frame of mind and creating a framework of relentless optimism and unshakeable faith.  Fact is,ordinary people can do extraordinary things each and every day.  But not everyone wakes up feeling this way.  For many of us, recovery from failure requires damage control and reprogramming our minds to staunchly move forth no matter what our circumstances.

Here’s how to overcome doubt in your life – no matter what your circumstance:

1. Believe in yourself beyond reason. This means you commit to shutting out the voices of the naysayer.  Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and visualize yourself already in the place you want to be.  This means a fitter version of you, a healthier you, more zeros in your bank account, a specific place you want to travel…the world is your oyster.  Get crystal clear on what you specifically desire in your life, and envision it happening.  I made a video on it this week on my Facebook Fan Page called “How to *truly* get off your arse and DO something about your situation” where I walk you through the process step by step – worth a watch!

2. Don’t give up when it gets hard. So you didn’t lose 5 pounds in a week or 10 pounds in a month.  But you lost a half-inch around each thigh and the scale moved 2 pounds.  Or you didn’t hit your sales goals for the month in your company but you made some killer business connections that will really help you in the long run.  Just because your intended result is not immediately there doesn’t mean you’re a failure.  Ask yourself “Am I winning or am I learning?”  You must keep looking for the opportunity, not the obstacles, and try try again.

3. Bet on yourself–even if no one else will. When you believe in yourself and are not attached to the short-term outcome, you will enjoy much more success. Outside noise and negativity can be discouraging and rob you of optimism and purpose.  Believing in yourself beyond reason isn’t logical, but it will take you much farther than any logic ever will. You need to have the fierce confidence to overcome any circumstance that may be against you.  

When we doubt ourselves, we’re often overly rational. Those are the times you need to get out of your head and into your heart and tap into your deepest desires. Give yourself permission to not overthink things and do what feels right to you.

4. Success is for everybody. I have seen all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds achieve incredible things for themselves. You need to know that you can do that too.

You don’t have to be perfect to start, but you have to start to perfect. You can cultivate a positive mindset. Find your good vibe tribe to lift you up. Have the perseverance because it will take longer than you wanted to and it won’t be a straight road.

Speaking of success, I already have people enrolled in my #RadicallyGorgeous retreat in September and am interviewing more candidates for the weekend.  If you feel you would be a fit because you’re an action-taker when it comes to getting results for yourself but need help with a roadmap and accountability, respond to this email and we can have a chat about it.

Live Gorgeously,

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