To the amazing WOMEN of this page... - Esther Blum

To the amazing WOMEN of this page…

I think we need to be more like men.

Yes, you heard me right. We women are undermining ourselves constantly. We deflect compliments, we struggle to ask for what we want, we APOLOGIZE (ALL THE TIME), and don’t stand up for ourselves. Men would never do that. It would never occur to them to NOT ask for what they want.

Imagine what your life could look like if you learned to ASK for all you wanted be put in your path? Or get paid what you deserve? We are loving, compassionate, souls–but we struggle to put ourselves first.

Eff that!

Every time you DON’T ask for what you want, don’t accept a compliment, don’t express your opinion because you’re worried about what other people will think–you are shrinking yourself and suppressing your power and ability to grow expansively.

Why on earth would you do that? Do you need me to give you permission to be a badass? Or to give yourself permission to be a badass? If so, then we all give you permission. It’s time to speak up, love yourself, say what you want to say, be true to yourself, and for God sake go for what you want! Let’s learn from our male counterparts and take big leaps.

You are limitLESS.
You are magic.
You are POWER.
You are grace.
You are FIERCE.

Moving through your day with lady balls makes you more of a woman–not less. It makes you a fantastic person, role model, friend, mom, employee, and overall badass.

Live Gorgeously,

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