Transformation - Esther Blum


Hi Gorgeous,

The reason I got into this work in the first place is that I believe in the power of transformation.  I don’t believe that transformation is just some bullshit thing– I know it exists, and you know it exists, too.  Because that’s what drew us to connect together.  And I’m so appreciative of that.

As you may or may not know, I have invested heavily the last several months in my own education: reviewing old notes and old sessions, carefully analyzing my entire practice, and checking in with myself to see what is the most powerful way I can serve.  

And I realized that there’s an entirely new level that’s possible.

And having realized this, I can no longer in good conscience continue to doing things the old way.  It doesn’t make the old way wrong; what it does is make me completely disinterested in doing anything except the absolute best.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this new process and how to get results that take many people decades–or never– listen up.  Because instead of getting those results in decades, you can literally get those results in DAYS.

And  you’ll also know exactly what been that’s stopping you.  And know exactly what you need to do to move past that so you can stop pretending and stop hiding, and in fact experience the brilliance of what and who you actually are.

This doesn’t take long.

It’s not painful.

In fact, it can be quite a blast!

However, this course is not for everyone.  It requires a radical degree of honesty, and a radical degree of commitment.  And I can’t do that for you; I can only do that for myself.

And having done that for myself, I’m unwilling to settle for anything less.  

I’m dedicated to my ability to create as much change as humanly possible, and while I feel far from perfect at it, I do realize that there’s a much faster–and much better–way.

If you’re interested in this much faster, and much better way, send me an email or a pm through my Facebook fan page.

If you choose not to, it won’t change our relationship–I’ll still give you high fives and hugs when I see you at a seminar or an event.

Live Gorgeously,



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