Why I would never take advice from a Facebook weight loss group

Why I would never take advice from a Facebook weight loss group

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I recently joined some Facebook weight loss groups to check out the kind of information the public is receiving these days. I did this because I’m naturally curious about what’s out there. On a deeper level, I want to also find a solution to help the public lose weight on a grand scale.

What did I find?

Completely unlicensed professionals–without a minute of clinical experience–doling out nutrition advice.

People, this is scary. Would you go to a doctor who was not medically trained and had no license? And then let them put you on supplements and shakes and take your money to boot?

Fact is, everybody and their mother is peddling lots of weight loss pills, potions, and promises that are potentially unsafe and definitely costly.

And the sales come slick and easy when they prey on the vulnerabilities of people who are desperate to get help.

Simply put, it’s totally egregious and completely unethical in my not-so-humble opinion.

Regardless of what I think, the odds that you’re going to get long-term, lasting results from being a part of any of these online groups is unlikely. What you will see are a lot of people who are sad, unhappy, overweight, and ready to buy anything they think will help them–even if the changes are not permanent.

What I love and cherish about working with clients is the fact that I help people actually heal.

For those of you new to me, I help people reverse chronic illness, heal their relationship with food and their bodies, and create a powerful belief system so they can take ownership of becoming healthy and whole, love themselves unapologetically, and understand that their highest version of themselves is well within reach.

  • This means that people who lose 20 pounds keep those 20 pounds off.
  • This means that people understand the root cause of their self sabotaging behavior.
  • This means people understand all the foods that serve them best and work for their unique metabolism, so that even if they play around with her eating while on vacation and gain a few pounds, they can get those pounds off once they return to home base.

No gimmicks, no drama, and a totally amazing investment in your health.  By this I mean you get a return on your investment for the rest of your life.

The reason diet trends come and go is because they don’t work. Or they’re so stupidly restrictive that you can’t sustain them without doing irreparable psychological damage to yourself and your relationship with food.

Is it really worth it? You have to decide that for yourself.

But I shall end with a great quote I recently heard:

Easy decisions, hard life. Hard decisions, easy life.

Schedule a call with, and let’s talk!

Live Gorgeously,

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  1. I purchased the curly girl handbook and then after reading it purchased your books. I turn 20 in October and though I know what I want to do and for the most part who I am and strive to be. I want to love myself more my curls, my body. After having health issues and being put on steroids (with out my knowledge) for 4 years I could not understand how I would work out every day for 2-4 hours eat well and then for a time barely anything and still be gaining weight now at 5’6 225 lb I wish I could go back and tell my 180 lb self I looked amazing—— cause I did. Is there anything I can do to get there? It’s summer so I have all the time ! I will do a regimens and work outs I will read all the books. I just want guidance and to be able to look and the mirror and not cry.

    1. Angelica I am going to email you so we can continue the discussion. You can absolutely heal and reverse your weight gain.

  2. Facebook is a social page, therefore people usually just focus on the idea that an online support group can help you. I like the fact that you realize that you’re not the only one working on this lifestyle change because it’s hard to lose weight….when people post their progress pics I can ask them about their regimens and see if there are positives aspects that I can take away. It’s normal to have some people in groups acts as doctors but I think that’s rare and people rarely pay attention to stuff like that.

    1. Exactly, Esso! Keep in mind that just because someone loses weight, it doesn’t mean it was done in a healthful way. So be a detective and make sure you find a practitioner to work with who is credentialed, understands your needs, and gets you results.

  3. Hi Esther,

    HA! – I’ll tell you that I skimmed through your blog quickly. But I read the headline and knew exACTly what you meant though..! And I agree..

    I’m a Fitness Pro from Toronto. I agree with you that MOST people on social media consider themselves “experts.”
    And alot of them sell quick fixes and/or offer not the best advice on fitness and weightloss.

    I’m working on transitioning to online fitness and wellness. I’m a 30 yr fitness Veteran and Life/Wellness Coach Practitioner. I also went through my own journey a few years.
    All without powdered herbal shakes or other b.s!

    I find it challenging to gain clients in these groups. Even one that’s titled “HELP! I want to lose weight!!”

    Non of them responded to me because I specified that I offer real coaching and no supplements or quick fixed.

    Seems like no one wants to put in the real work that it takes to lose weight safely and effectively…!

    Have a happy week ahead,

    Wellpower Fitness – Wellness – Coaching