What's the ONE question you need to ask yourself before you eat? - Esther Blum

What’s the ONE question you need to ask yourself before you eat?

Assuming you are actually hungry and your body needs food… Ask yourself this: “What does my body WANT to eat?”

Asking yourself this question will help you:

Tap into what foods you need to satisfy your hunger and cravings
Figure out what foods will energize you
Eat foods that help you feel satisfied

Put you in a position of power

When you are able to intuit what your body needs, you will be in a place of alignment and peace. There will be zero power struggles between you and your body.

You will tap into your inherent wisdom of what your body needs.
You will unleash your powerful inner voice.
You will understand how to rebuild trust between yourself and your body.

As a result you will heal years of emotional blocks, self-sabotage, and fear you’ve stored up in your body.

You will wake up the pieces inside of you that have fallen asleep.
You will establish a new normal where your mind and body are connected and your eating choices come from a heart-centered and knowledgeable place.
You will feel aligned and connected to the path you’re following.
You will feel good about yourself and your choices while figuring out what works best for you.

This is a practice that will continue every time you need to make a choice about what to eat. But it does get easier. It WILL get easier. And you will find peace in the process.

Live Gorgeously,

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