So what's the plan? - Esther Blum

So what’s the plan?

Hi Gorgeous,

I have been stuck for months writing the proposal for my next book, Eat, Drink, and Be Fortyish.  I have loads of content in there, but no specific diet plan.  In fact, whenever anyone asked me “so what’s the plan?” I just shut right down, writers block in full force.

So yesterday I had a call with my agent Celeste.  “What specifically is the plan you’re offering in your next book?” she asked.  I blurted out “There is no plan! And if I have to create one more diet plan I’m going to stick a fork in my eye!!”  She enthusiastically agreed with me–thank God!

For me and especially for my clients, I take a no-diet approach to diet.  The older I get, the less I can handle rules when it comes to eating. Rules feel so completely disingenuous when it comes to eating because for me rules mean taking an external framework and slapping it over my entire emotional and intuitive self.  It’s the equivalent of putting Spanx over a sharp, pointy sculpture.  You can try and shrink- wrap the sculpture in something totally restrictive and limiting, but the edges will still poke out and the shape will stay the same.  It’s just a constant struggle that amounts to zero change.

When we slap these crazy dieting rules on ourselves that feel like anything but a choice, we are trying to stuff a square peg into a round hole.  It makes me cringe each and every time.

Maybe it’s the rebel in me who hates following rules.  Maybe it’s the creative being in me who hates feeling stifled.  Or maybe it’s the fighter in me who thinks that dieting is one of the most anti-feminist moves out there.

Either way, restrictive diets will never be my jam because they are not sustainable for me for even five minutes.

Now, I can already hear you asking “But Esther – how can I lose weight if I don’t cut carbs and fat and calories??”

That may be indeed true for you – but you need to come to all of this on your own terms.  And it has to be sustainable or it will never work long-term.  So the key in all of this is owning it so it feels like a choice to you.  And making changes slowly, over the long-term, with unconditional love and an agreement between you and your body, heart, mind, and soul.

If you’re sick and tired of playing the diet game, are ready to flip eating plans the bird once and for all, detox from all the head games you’ve been playing all these  years, and finally shut down all the endless chatter and negative self-talk so you can move on with your life, get in touch wth me here.

Live Gorgeously,

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