Why I no longer obsess about exercise - Esther Blum

Why I no longer obsess about exercise

This year has marked such a shift for me both physically and emotionally.

In a nutshell, I’ve just stopped obsessing and worrying about whether or not I’m doing what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing and intuitively listening to where my body, heart and mind want to be.

I used to put so much pressure on myself to be in an exercise routine or program. I approached it with dread because it was something I felt I HAD to do to get fit. I became a very unfulfilled slave to the schedule and although I became stronger, I did not see the lean body I was aiming for.
So I took a giant step back.

I haven’t felt this good in ages.

I fit into all my old clothes- skinny jeans and all.

I stretch and meditate every day and my body is in better alignment.

I go for long walks and move daily.

I lift weights only when the desire calls to me.

I focus on all the amazing and beautiful things my body can do on a daily basis.

That’s it.

Simplicity and intuition rule my roost these days.

Spend time finding what you LOVE to do. You will get so much more out of the experience. Just because something works for other people doesn’t mean it will work for you. Find your true love in movement ❤❤❤

Live Gorgeously,