Why would you EVER question the wisdom of your body? - Esther Blum

Why would you EVER question the wisdom of your body?

Hi Gorgeous,

A client emailed me this week because he was confused about what to eat during a physical setback.  He is being treated for Lyme’s and Epstein-Barr Virus and has been working with both myself and a Naturopath.  He was following a plant-based diet to kill off pathogens and the EBV and felt a million times better.  So when his tests came back with high histamines and adrenal exhaustion, his Naturopath put him on a high-protein, high-fat diet–which made him feel much worse and left him totally confused.

Oh, how I can relate to the ping-pong game of conflicting advice between healers!  The game of questioning yourself, your body, and having zero idea of who to believe or what direction to take.  

Having tried to solve the EBV portion of my life, one of my greatest frustrations was finding a practitioner who could figure me out.  I managed to stump even the best peeps in the industry, a few who told me my insomnia was all in my head, and most of whom genuinely tried to help me but were left dumbfounded by my case.  Very few of them were ever on the same page with each other or with me.  I banged my head against the wall for so many years that I finally just took a hiatus from all healers and just listened to myself and my body.  I began to experiment eating differently on the days I felt good versus the days I didn’t.  I asked my body what it needed from me and let it tell me loud and clear.  And then I just got still and made peace with all of it.

And really it wasn’t until recently that I had a revelation:  The reason I was not getting answers about my health was because I was looking outside myself for those answers.  All of us–if we just listen to what our bodies are telling us–can get some straightforward answers for ourselves.  No practitioner knows your body better than you do, right?  And while we may need another practitioner at times to be our mirror and help set us on the right path, ultimately it’s up to us to try things out, see how they feel, and determine our path accordingly.

That’s why you have to believe in your body; it offers you all the wisdom you need to heal.  No healer will ever tap into that for you.  I’m not saying this to bash healers but to help you feel empowered so that you can be the driver’s seat in your own journey and trust in the wisdom of your body.  Sure, I still need to collaborate with doctors to run tests for me and help me solve puzzles as they arise.  But ultimately the choices about my body and which direction to take are mine and mine alone.

Believe your beautiful, perfectly imperfect body when it’s telling you something.  Listen for what you need to hear.  Keep trying different cocktails of diet and supplements.  Forget everything you know about your body and become a student again.  Enjoy the beauty and synergy between your heart and your mind.  This too shall pass.

Live Gorgeously,


PS> I had some great calls with a bunch of you over the past week and am excited to be working together and co-creating incredible changes in your health, weight, energy, and state of mind!  I have time for a few more calls this week, so if you’d like to have a 1:1 call with me (at no charge to you) because you want to create big, magical things for yourself in 2017, fill out an application here and we can go ahead and get you started.  I want to learn more about you and explore your big-ass vision for what lies ahead in your life!

Also–something else I’ve been toying with is creating a private FB group to connect you beautiful souls to each other.  I would be guiding the group and want to create a safe space where we can support and lift each other up and learn from each other’s collective journeys.  This would only be available to my loyal peeps to start, but you would be welcome to add like-minded souls you feel would also benefit and could contribute loveliness to the group.  Let me know if you’d be interested and I’ll move forth (or not) based on interest.

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