Let's Work Together - Esther Blum

Let's Work Together

Corporate Coaching

 There has never been a more pressing need for us to take health care into our own hands and shift from a sick care model to a preventative and wellness health model. Rather than waiting for social services and the government to provide for us, we have an incredible opportunity to autonomously build a culture of health and wellness from within and put specific solutions in place for the long term.

In partnering together, we could co-create and implement well being into the long-term strategic planning deck and have employees who are engaged and excited about applying cutting edge health practices in their own lives. Imagine all the possibilities of what life could look like in a company with a culture built around a healthy lifestyle. It’s more than just weight loss; it’s accessibility to resources that support and motivate change and better choices.

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Personal Coaching

I work with clients within a package of sessions to provide structure, strategy, and accountability to keep you laser focused on your goals. I help people like you lose 20lbs in 12 weeks, zero out autoimmune antibodies, get off diabetes, heartburn, and pain medication, eliminate migraines and inflammation, build muscle and athletic endurance, heal emotional traumas around food, and triple your energy level. Together we will uncover the root cause of your imbalances and symptoms so you can heal your body with targeted precision. You will rebuild faith and trust in yourself and ultimately learn to lean in to the outcome. We will also uncover and obliterate self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors so you can become the highest version of yourself and bust through all the roadblocks that have been holding you back. It’s time for you to shine!

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