You can't shame yourself into weight loss. - Esther Blum

You can’t shame yourself into weight loss.

Weight loss and body change comes from a place of personal power and prowess. It comes from knowing you are a badass and are perfectly beautiful right here, right now.

Knowing your curves, cellulite, and soft spots are sensual, delicious, and part of your gorgeous self is always the best starting point. Because really–when has body shaming every truly motivated you and helped you feel good about yourself? Or helped put you on a sustainable path? Ironically it’s only when you truly love yourself that you create space to connect to what your heart and body needs so the puzzle pieces can start to line up. So for those of you beating yourself up on a regular basis–let the light and love in. Start telling yourself you are beautiful and perfect right now. Allow yourself to receive compliments–and start believing what others truly see.

My adult weight has been anywhere between 125-145lbs; now I’m somewhere in between that (I haven’t weighed myself in a very long time). No one has ever told me I looked less beautiful at my heavier weight because I loved myself throughout. The weight was completely detached from who I was as a person, how I was helping people, the type of mother, wife, friend, daughter I was.
Being overweight will NEVER cancel out all of your accomplishments. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it will feel natural at first. I’m saying it’s all a practice that will eventually become automated in time.

So keep at it. Keep loving on yourself. The numbers can go screw themselves because you ROCK.


To the amazing WOMEN of this page... Do you give away your power when dieting?